New pic...

(jorx) #1

Hey everyone…
Got a new pic at my gallery.
At the top of the gallery.
I used ZBlur, and env maps.
With the cool orange and blue shiny ring thingies, I had an env map, and then in material settings, I turned down the col slider to let color show through. Looks quite good! I used several different bump maps and one color map for my cement.
Critique please,

(harkyman) #2

That really is good. I agree that it is your best. On initial inspection it’s almost photorealistic. I can’t however, see the road surface reflected in the rings.

Very good, though.

(wewa_juicyb) #3

Nice picture, I like the reflections on the rings (they weren’t made using blender were they?). It’s a nice picture, “serene” is the word.

(sten) #4

very nice Blenderwork(only) :stuck_out_tongue:


(paradox) #5

I like this too, simple but really nice looking. I also liked the other pictures in your gallery. The microscopic one was intriging.

Keep it up.


(jorx) #6

The entire pic was Blender, nothing else. The reflections were simply envmaps.
Thanx for the Critique everyone!

(slikdigit) #7

One of the nicest "pure’ blender renders I have ever seen. Possibley the best.
excellent work! :o :smiley: :o :o :smiley: :smiley:

(BgDM) #8

Definitely one of the best blender renderes I have seen also. Way Cool 8)


(Yamyam) #9

Nice work!
Did you use the IBL?

(S68) #10

Really nice image!

Congratulations (how did you rtextured the sand?)


(jorx) #11

I’ve never heard of IBL. What is it?
The whole pic was done withing Blender, no post-processing or anything.
What do you mean “retextured the sand”? It’s concrete, and I don’t recall retexturing it or anything…

(Yamyam) #12

IBL means Image Based Lighting.
See the Eeshlo’s site below.

(jorx) #13

Nope, didn’t do any IBL. All the lighting was done with a hemi, and a ring of spots set to ‘OnlyShadow’.
Pretty interesting stuff though!
And for the sky, I had a simple blend of color from Whitish at the horizon fading to a deeper blue upwards. This was spherically mapped onto a sphere to provide the sky reflections.
Mebbe I’ll make a tutorial on my site…

(Yamyam) #14

Thank you for reply.
I’m interested in this way. I want to see your tutorial. :slight_smile:

(stephen2002) #15

that is pretty dang real. you can’t really see any reflection of the road in the shiny “things”…but that is a limitation of Blender that you can do little about.

Next time you post, please reference directly to the image. At first I didn’t know where to look for it.

(MexIndian) #16

WOW. The middle ring looks incredible! I want that texture! Any tips on a tutorial that could lead me to that kind of texture or perhaps telling me what settings you used :wink: