New pic...

Hey everyone…
Got a new pic at my gallery.
At the top of the gallery.
I used ZBlur, and env maps.
With the cool orange and blue shiny ring thingies, I had an env map, and then in material settings, I turned down the col slider to let color show through. Looks quite good! I used several different bump maps and one color map for my cement.
Critique please,

That really is good. I agree that it is your best. On initial inspection it’s almost photorealistic. I can’t however, see the road surface reflected in the rings.

Very good, though.

Nice picture, I like the reflections on the rings (they weren’t made using blender were they?). It’s a nice picture, “serene” is the word.

very nice Blenderwork(only) :stuck_out_tongue:


I like this too, simple but really nice looking. I also liked the other pictures in your gallery. The microscopic one was intriging.

Keep it up.


The entire pic was Blender, nothing else. The reflections were simply envmaps.
Thanx for the Critique everyone!

One of the nicest "pure’ blender renders I have ever seen. Possibley the best.
excellent work! :o :smiley: :o :o :smiley: :smiley:

Definitely one of the best blender renderes I have seen also. Way Cool 8)


Nice work!
Did you use the IBL?

Really nice image!

Congratulations (how did you rtextured the sand?)


I’ve never heard of IBL. What is it?
The whole pic was done withing Blender, no post-processing or anything.
What do you mean “retextured the sand”? It’s concrete, and I don’t recall retexturing it or anything…

IBL means Image Based Lighting.
See the Eeshlo’s site below.

Nope, didn’t do any IBL. All the lighting was done with a hemi, and a ring of spots set to ‘OnlyShadow’.
Pretty interesting stuff though!
And for the sky, I had a simple blend of color from Whitish at the horizon fading to a deeper blue upwards. This was spherically mapped onto a sphere to provide the sky reflections.
Mebbe I’ll make a tutorial on my site…

Thank you for reply.
I’m interested in this way. I want to see your tutorial. :slight_smile:

that is pretty dang real. you can’t really see any reflection of the road in the shiny “things”…but that is a limitation of Blender that you can do little about.

Next time you post, please reference directly to the image. At first I didn’t know where to look for it.

WOW. The middle ring looks incredible! I want that texture! Any tips on a tutorial that could lead me to that kind of texture or perhaps telling me what settings you used :wink: