*New Player At Blender* Which site allows you to sell renders?


Side Note:Hello, I am a tad new to this site and want to introduce myself. Hello, my name is NostalgiaPM, I have incredible admiration for anything that is productive and will do any requests for 3D Artristy (to my best of my abilities, of course).

But of course, I wanted to ask where there is the possible chance of earning some money! Not that I want to straight away, but I was wondering because I want to produce, sell, and succeed. If you have any hyperlinks to websites that allow you to sell your renders, no matter how much* then cheers.

*Something just about taking off 20% (1/5 of income goes to the company).

P.S If this is in the wrong thread, I am dreadfully sorry. Really.

Thank you for recommending me to a site, I’ll sign just right now!