New plugins: "Add Image" and "Parametric Obje

Hi guys,

I’ve written two plugins for Blender so far, and I’d be interested in getting some feedback if anyone finds them interesting or useful.

One of them is called “Parametric Object”, which was inspired by a Lightwave plugin of the same name, except mine doesn’t have all the annoying bugs of the Lightwave version. :smiley: Basically it comes with a set of formulas that lets you generate various mathematical shapes.

The other plugin, “Add Image”, just makes a mesh object of the correct size to hold a given image, and applies the image as a material with a texturemap to the new mesh object. Not as exciting as Parametric Object, but useful if you’re bringing a lot of 2D images into Blender.

Screenshots are included on the site. Enjoy!


The parametric object is awsome! More of a great a reference for understanding parametrics in the first place. Thanks for these script.

Thanks Man! The AddImage plugin is wonderful. There are many times where I have to bring 2d image planes into a blend… now I’m not spending hours resizing and adding textures. I really appreciate your making this available. Thanks.

I love the parametric plugin.

The first thing I tried to do didn’t work out like I was expecting.

I had the idea that it would be cool if you could use the “Update Object” with different equations and same number of u & v steps and then “bake” each one as an RVK / Shape Key and then animate between the shapes.

It seems, however, that updating an object makes the script regenerate a new set of vertices instead of shifting the positions of the existing vertices.

How hard would it be to modify the script to generate RVK’s / Shapes in the manner I suggest?

Just an idea.

Thanks for the compliments :smiley:

nharron, that’s a great idea. Honestly I haven’t been using Blender very long yet, so I haven’t had a chance to play with vertex keys or anything. But the idea of morphing one parametric object to another is very enticing. I’ll have to experiment with it.

SKPjason, I’m glad you like AddImage. I’d like to upgrade it to work with images that have alpha channels, like 32-bit .tga files. Basically I want the mesh to become transparent where the image was transparent. Do you know how to accomplish this (on the GUI, not in Python… sorry if this is a noob question!)


When you add a texture as type “Image” the buttons have 2 relevant options; “UseAlpha” for image formats that have an alpha layer and “CalcAlpha” which will use Black (zero of RG&B) as a value of Transparency (white can be used by clicking “NegAlpha” in those buttons or Mapping Alpha to a neg value in the MapTo tab in Materials)


Thanks, I’ll try that.

Anyone want a “Seashell” shape for Blender? Paste the following code into a Blender Text document, then use the “Load Text” button in the Parametric Object plugin. Then click “New object”. I’d be curious to see if other people are making new shapes too…

# Parametric Object v1.0 10/19/2005

Name: Seashell

x = sin(2*pi*u)*(0.05+u*u*0.1+(u*0.2*sin(2*pi*v)))
y = cos(2*pi*u)*(0.05+u*u*0.1+(u*0.2*sin(2*pi*v)))
z = cos(2*pi*v)*u*0.2+4.5-u*u*0.18

u: min 0.000000 steps 256 max 5.000000 wrap No
v: min 0.000000 steps 32 max 1.000000 wrap Yes