📣 New policy on 'self promotion'

Maybe I’m misunderstanding because it’s been misused in the past, but I thought that was the entire purpose of that category. What should we be posting in #coding:released-scripts-and-themes?

Does sketchfab count? Or not because it’s also a 3d viewer?

Yes,you’re correct, addons are what should be posted there. This isn’t saying self promotion is bad- just that we’d like to limit the formerly limitless amount of it

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This could be quite troublesome for someone who maintains multiple addons.


Could be, that’s true :slight_smile: As stayed, exceptions can be made on a case by case basis for people with good rates of community engagement, I would imagine that would be one of those cases depending on the person


Ah, I think I understand now.

One more question:

Is it okay for me to continue sharing those gumroad links to my free project files in my nodevember projects?

  • It’s directly relevant to the topic, and I’m linking directly to it, not linking to my main account and asking people to search through it
  • It’s free, so I’m not promoting a paid product
  • I’m interacting with the community, replying to comments, giving notes on my process, and adding breakdowns to my post
  • It’s not the center of attention, it’s just a side thing for those who’d like to see my entire process and tinker with it
  • Nodevember is a prompt every two days so there’s no way I’m going to be able to stay strictly within the limit

I’m going to DM you, addressing specific cases is probably better that way to avoid clutter here :slight_smile:

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If you need specific examples, just look at #support:tutorials-tips-and-tricks. Pay attention to the avatars and number of replies. There will be a few that should quickly jump out. You can see they have little to no engagement and drive-by post their videos, sometimes multiple days in a row. If you want to go deeper, look at the activity of those posters, they don’t interact with the forums at all, except to promote their videos.

There’s not a lot of engagement in the form of replies with that particular category in general, mostly people posting videos. Perhaps it should be displayed by thumbnail images like #artwork:animations? It would certainly make it easier to browse through quickly.

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We have a rigorous system in place for detecting and tracking self promotions :slight_smile:

One of the addon creators who has been exceptionally helpful and active, who engages with the community to solve their workflow issues and incorporates many of this feedback, now posted that they will refrain from posting more than once a week due to the new rules. I think it is very counterproductive seeing as there really was a vibrant subcommunity around the addon. The creator barely linked to a download topic, since we all know where its at (and not to mention its free with possible donations).

Wouldn’t it be of interest to Blenderartists to give these creators a badge (e.g. like moderators or regulars get one) so they can continue doing what we all come to the forums for? I mean, just give those people a seal of approval and some gratitude will ya? The people I am referring to are far from the ones who misbehave, but they are punished/ discouraged from forum engagement as a result now…


So then what’s the point of the rules? An announcement that the non-compliant users’ posts will be moderated? If the effect now seems to be that good people are feeling restricted by them, that can’t be the intention of the rules now, can it?

This is an excellent concern that I’m not qualified to answer. I’m going to pass the mike to @bartv here :slight_smile: that is say, this goes beyond the team of what’s already been said, and I’ve been exclusively repeating or rephrasing what’s been said here. I’m not in a position to offer interpretations, that’s definitely site owner territory

And vocal people are usually just a fraction of all the people who will read or be affected by the rules and stop or refrain from posting at all. General intention of the rule is IMO great, but it’s carpet bombing approach to the problem. The other problem of this rule is already highlighted in the thread: exceptions are already discussed and allowed. Not a great policy if at the beginning it needs exceptions from it, right?

To be honest, I don’t have constructive idea how to better address the issue though…

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I’m not aware of any policies on this site that don’t have exceptions. Policy without room for exception is, to my way or thinking, 100% going to fail and fall short. That’s just me, though.

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In all honesty, I’m not engaged in the parts of the forum where I would see a need to reinforce them. I am with you if you say that’s the case, but now the rules basically say they are at moderators discretion ( meaning: rather vague). I would assume vibrant long running threads should be exempt. New threads would be the culprit, I assume, so more heavy moderation on those should prevent long running threads from becoming a promotion thread, right?

Sure, sure, definitely keep human decision making. It’s more that if users are unsure whether or not a rule applies, they’ll refrain for the sake of caution. Unless they are the culprits themselves, I guess.


A lot of topics in this category got thousands of replies, are we supposed to not share news about our products in our own product topics?

for example this:

or all HardOps/Machin3 topic

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How else did these addons develop to become so popular? Through user engagement. And add-on makes do need to notify their followers of critical bugfixes or of implementations of new features that they ironed out with the community in an earlier discussion.
That’s my experience on the subject.

E: In fact I mostly use the forums for these addon topics, to keep up with development and ask/ engage with the devs. Without that, you’ll be bleeding forumusers when not careful imo.
E2: So please let’s finetune the rules so the policy would be enacted more naturally without the potentially negative side-effects.

This seems like a good way to think about it:

But again, I would encourage you all with concerns to hold tight and give Bart a chance to address them


Hey folks! The only reason we do this is to reduce some abuse we’ve been seeing. Obviously we need to refine our policy - don’t worry, we will update it as needed and we’ll make sure the examples above will be fine.

We’ll need some time to refine this, and it’s Sunday evening so I’ll get back to this later this week.


That’s a pretty nice way of dealing with a difficult situation. Hooray for making it!
Looking foward to how you implement it.
Some difficult stuff, Im actually interested.
Getting people to talk is hard.