NEW POLL: Colored vs. Monochrome Icons (More Specific)

(icyou520) #1

A more correct term would be ‘themable glyph symbols vs fixed bitmaps , but for simplicity sake we will keep same title.

Which would you prefer?

  • Single color flat icons - monochrome
  • Multi-colored - ie 2/3 layers of color
  • Shaded, non-flat icons
  • Variation - Some icons are blue, some icons are orange, some white, etc
  • I don’t mind either way

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(FraYoshi) #2

why multi-Coloured is at 34% if we are 3 voters? That’s unfair xD
*EDIT nevermind, I changed my vote, that 1% convinced me u.u

(Zinogg) #3

this is really a tough one to pick , isn’t “variation” and Multi-layered" the same that if we are talking about “themable glyph” that we have now? be honest i’ll reserve my vote, i would love to test these options because they can have a huge impact if they are intrusive or not.

(cgCody) #4

Multi-layard would be each icon having multiple layers of color, but each icon shares the same set of colors. For example: :santa: :heart_eyes_cat: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
This adds contrast to a single icon

Variation would be each (or some) of the icons having unique colors. For example: :rage: :metal: :alien:
This adds contrast between icons.

(SynaGl0w) #5

I still prefer shaded non-flat. They are the most recognizable to me at smaller sizes and look excellent at large sizes. Shaded and non-flat could still be theme-able and/or still have color count restrictions.


shaded would probably add more to readability than just added flat colors?
best imo would probably be shaded glyphs with themable coloring.

(Renzatic) #7

I voted for variation. I like the new icons, but I think assigning them different colors based on context and function would make them jump out a little more.


last day of sooo

(Zinogg) #10

thanks, i though multi-layered will have variant colors but probably requires more work to have many ones in the same sheet…then variant is a better choice.

(burnin) #11

Oh, :hushed: so color coding for icons is not going to be implemented with Themes.
Nice going - keep the inconsistencies & confusion as blender trademarks :eggplant:

(Ace Dragon) #12

Keep in mind that none of the colored icon work has translated to anything committed to 2.8 at this point. The chance of a colored icon set being optional really depends on whether such a set gets done.

(polyboy) #13

i can differentiate the icons at this preview picture on my mobilephone screen, great! :grinning:

(FreeMind) #14

This is why I don’t think you should not trust the results of the poll:
You may think you like one icon type over the other, but you can only truly know in practice.

For example, In case of the 2.8 icons.
Logically, it seems that colored icons would be better.
But in practice, I didn’t really notice a downgrade. Or a difference big enough that it would bother me.
The new Icons are really well designed and clear even without color.
Maybe it’s because the position of the button is more important than color?..

Basically, i still think that the best solution is “All of the above”.
That is, the user has to be able to use whatever icons he wants…

(Rob) #15

I wouldn’t mind if the icons would get some color, like the second example column.
Keep it a flat color though, don’t need the color overload from 2.7x

Also, get the same functionality icons the same color base, so it’s easy to see what is connected/linked to something else.
e.g. camera/frame size/rendering all the same support color.


(El Director) #16

I really like the second example out of the three. Clean, modern and easy to understand


I like the mono icons for the properties editor.

They are modern and not distracting as the other ones.

(FreeMind) #18

Another poll there.

(uriel) #19

is that for the main icon theme ?
i suppose that we can have various icons types selection in the future, then everyone will have his favorites… :wink:

(William) #20

The icons are already colored by the theme. You can see it in the default theme inside the Outliner. As you can see there, they are not black & white. The colors are taken from the theme.

We can simply flesh this out more to add the ability to vary colors. You can already make the icons different colors - we just don’t have enough theme categories yet to be able to add unique colors for the different Properties tabs, but that could be added with the current system, while retaining themability and avoiding cartoon outlines.

(dimitribastos) #21

I like the icons as they are now.
I just think that the properties vertical tab needs a little more contrast. Some time ago, a mock up with some vertical color bars was made. It was like… a thin red bar on the side of the icon, and some other colors as well. It was really good in my opinion.