NEW POLL: Colored vs. Monochrome Icons (More Specific)

(Antaioz) #22

For the record, the icons I’m working on should retain themeability, this is a result of one of the design goals, which is to use colours that are close to white, or not heavily saturated. In fact, if I can continue to keep themeability, the new icons should be more customisable, and easier to customize than the mono ones purely based on the fact the background doesn’t have to be considered when picking an icon colour vs the background colour.

Also even if you want to consider outlines cartoonish, they’re an important UI technique seemingly forgotten by a good deal of developers and supposed ui experts. Why would you throw away a technique that increases visibility and readability on any background to instead follow what equates to a fashion trend?.

Frankly, adding a little recognition between icons without the need to add hundreds of theme settings, whilst also enabling light/white themes to have icons that actually include colour, is a no-brainer.

The only one situation in which outlines limit the icons is when trying to theme them very dark, or black. In which case the outline can break the silhouette. Since if you were going to turn the icons black you’d be losing any colour coding regardless, I’m not particularly concerned with that because if you were to do it you’d be losing colour coding and any possibility for colour distinction in the first place.

And I didn’t vote. The two major colour options seem superfluous, the only difference between them is, if the theme were to handle the colours, would it enable the ability to have different colours on different sets of icons. I presume it would, so in that case does multi-coloured instead mean 2-3 colours for the entire sheet? Does variation exclude using more than one colour on a single icon? It’s confusing, and I suspect you could simply join the two major colour options for the most part, resulting is over 50%.

(Zinogg) #23

exactly, and the attached pic made it even confusing for me, i didn’t chose first then some explained it to me, i think what are you doing is a better solution.

(Rob) #24

How are the Properties tabs colored within another theme?
The two default themes show basically inverted icons, but where is this stored?

I do like the option of some added color options for the themes, but I also woulds like to have a more compressed set of color options. There’s too much guesswork going on for all the different parts of the UI. :wink:

(Mr_Flamey) #25

After spending a little time using 2.80, and noting that right now the UI is a little unfamiliar, I find the monochrome icons don’t help me see different options in certain menus and pies very quickly.

Although I think the actual silhouettes are done very well, perhaps either some colour or just increasing the size or contrast of the icons in the theme when used in pie menus in particular would help a little. I’m running a 27" 2560x1440 monitor with UI scale set to 1.0, so perhaps I should increase the scale and see if that helps at all, but I don’t really want to lose work space to UI when I was using 2.79 at the same scale.

The major parts of the UI that I think would benefit from colour and scale tweaks are the properties panel tabs and the viewport icons such as the proportional edit and snap settings. These could perhaps be a little larger with limited colour without changing everything else. That said, I’m going to play around with the icon scale and see how I feel :smiley:

(William) #26

It’s stored in the theme. Some places we use the text color and other places the specific theme category colors.