New posts listing layout - please vote!

(Piotr Adamowicz) #21

The older look was cleaner and more organized.

(Bart Veldhuizen) #22

Personally, I’m still not a fan of this new layout as I really find it hurts the ‘scannability’ of the topics list. But as suggested some small tweaks might help, so I made the following tweaks:

Dark theme:

  • Made the category text darker
  • De-emphasized category text

Light theme:

  • Made the category text lighter
  • De-emphasized category text

Any better?

(AFWS) #23

Looks a little better when you go to a category ,but looks worse from main page. Or has it always been one color on the left?


not at all!
on both themes dimmed categories look very hazy to me, and they get more confused with tags.

(Bart Veldhuizen) #25

Ah that wasn’t intended, should be fixed now.

Any suggestions for improvement?


just reverse back the last change.

Perhaps adopt small caps for categories, small font size as it’s now.

(Bart Veldhuizen) #27

I agree, the tags and categories are too visually similar. Discourse offers three tag display options: simple (which I used until now), bullet and box. I think ‘box’ is too visually heavy and am testing the bullet option now.


it does not seem to me that the bullet option works, imo the box is the best to distinguish categories from tags, if it’s possible to choose the color of the box a very pale one could be enugh.
Otherwise a change in fonts style could be necessary, such as italic or small caps for one of them.

Though, as it was before, that is categories black and tags dimmed was better than it’s now.

I’m not an expert, just my thought.


I just noticed that the categories and tags texts are not aligned horizontally.