New preferences window?

Whoa, the new preferences window is terrible. Settings are really hard to find now and the scrolling fest increased exponentially.

Why not keep things simple?


Haven’t tried it, but supposedly (from the screenshots) things are more organized - which is good, it was definitely a mess before. However it does seem to suffer from the infamous acute scrollite. Settings may be over-compartmentized.

Unless the Blender devs. want to force everyone into buying a multi-monitor or an ultra-wide monitor setup if they want to work properly (ie. a nice big viewport), then the scrolling is more or less a natural consequence of keeping as much screen real-estate open as possible.

The old preferences window has little scrolling, but as a result is a very wide window. A UI window can’t be compact and have hundreds of different items unless you have scrolling or lots of tabs.

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Of course things can be tweaked further but the new preference layout is already a huuuge improvement compared to the old mess. Thanks William and Julian!


Yes of course. The overall initiative is great, I just think that most things were overly done, resulting in a much harder to use preferences. Besides,that’s not the best design when dealing with a huge amount of settings like the blender preferences.

And they got rid of the billions of colons littered everywhere in there! They used to be after every heading, title, between properties, everywhere. So nice…


Oh, good. Another little thing to complain about.

It’s big mistake.


Yeah, I think this is the first change in 2.8 that is really difficult for me to immediately see getting used to. Yes, even icons and new active tools panels were easier to digest then this :slight_smile:

Some things that would help

  1. Don’t implement a ‘search’ bar thinking that will make things better. Sometimes the best search bar is the one that doesn’t have to exist
  2. Remove the window split regions. OMG they were even there before but it’s hilarious that I just noticed now with the new layout.
  3. On my 4k screen w/Blender UI scale = 1.0 and my OS UI scale set to 200% (effectively 1080p real-estate with higher dpi) it would be nice to auto-expand the first 2 or 3 panels in each section so more is visible right away. Pick the most important 3 panels to expand in each section.
  4. For sections which only have panels (Interface) vs. ones that have top row buttons (Themes, Lights) the first panel is too close to the top of the window. It needs some breathing room and it looks odd right now if you compare to the main “User” section title to the left of it.

Doing number 3 above will probably be the best mix of both worlds.

It seems some of the UI developers are lacking in the attention to detail department…

It seems some of the UI developers are lacking in the attention to detail department…

Some community posts lack patience and constructive feedback.


Wasting a ton of space and hiding everything is the new trend for everything UI these days. It’s bullshit minimalism at its finest.

Make it look simpler at the expense of making it slower to use. Compare older consumer electronics to newer ones. Lot of controls exposing quick functionality vs less controls with slow access to settings hidden in laggy sub menus (physical goods, so this is a major part of cost cutting as well).

The really bad part about all the increased scrolling is that the scrollbars are hidden unless the mouse gets close. This means you can’t just glance at a panel and automatically know that there is more to scroll into view, especially if cut off at the boundary between UI elements. They should add some kind of shadow or shading to the top or bottom to indicate the presence of overflow because a constantly visible scrollbar no longer provides that function (except in the layout template for lists where the scrollbar is always visible and also ultra fat for some reason… lol).


… then they do not tell me that I do not have to make fun of them…

blender 2.80 starts to remind me more and more of the transition times on linux from gnome 2 to gnome 3 and unity …
years and years of nightmares and many passed to Mint Linux and Cinnamon Desktop Enviorment to minimize damage …
… … … It must be some form of psychological virus that at some point takes over …

jokes aside, is it really so difficult to program limits of extension, a minimum and a maximum and then create columns? …
it makes no sense that panels will widen and tighten without limits.

this characteristic hate both on the panels of the properties , on sidebars and now also in the preferences … aesthetically it makes horror, they are punches in the eyes! (as well as a great waste of space)


Couldn’t agree more with this. It’s called the design virus !

Improvements have been made.

More subpanels open by default and a few things moved around.

Grid-flow layout and one less panel (ie. the UI will now adjust better to the width of the window).

As of now, you probably do not want your preferences window to cover the whole screen (one of the whole points of the redesign is to allow it to not need as much space).


I made my speech at the funeral of the old preference panel.
Rest In Peace.

The new design is alright to a degree, it just needs a global search function - then it would be functional. Unreal Engine has the same system, but with a search function.

But yeah, lot’s or too many subpanels.

I disagree. Less clicks does not equal better. The new preference pane is far more readable and future proof to boot. They can add items and options to any of the categories without having to worry about information overload. Now the user only sees preferences they want to see versus a whole list of mostly uncategorized options that your eye has to travel through to find what you want.

I think they did a wonderful job here. I do agree that a global search would be nice though.

That being said things like the Themes tab and the Keymap tab are in serious need of organization. Theming should imo be simplified significantly and all that cruft stuffed in some form of Advanced tab if its really needed. Only key areas need a theme editor for the most part.

They also need to fix the issue with text concatenation. Doing that in a preference pane is imo a big no no. Everything should be clear and readable. By default the text cut off in some options. That needs to be fixed.


I do not remember how exactly it is called every single function … I recognize it only if I have a visual feedback.

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A search function is only useful for those that know what they are looking for. We can’t rely only on it.
Settings need to be easy to find.

You are free to disagree. But the damage is real, and you will see it sooner or later, when you’ll need to do heavy tasks in the preferences.