New preferences window?

(Draise) #21

Yeah… in this case the default layout needs the panels open for discoverability at first to know what is what.

I have been using it and compiling with it yesterday and today, starting to get the feel for it - but now I know and it’s lacking the search for sure.

(noki paike) #22

I think I know why they preferred to create a long unique expandable feature list column …
they’re probably secretly developing Blender for smartphones. :joy:

(Ace Dragon) #23

A small form-factor for this window could be useful if you want to instantly see the effects of theming and other graphics-related options on the general UI and the viewport (it doesn’t get to where you need to move it around near as much).

Smaller form factors do not need to be a bad thing. Take this forum for instance, the narrower threads display makes everything easier to read on an HD monitor.

(noki paike) #24

came on! , the components are a list of preferences … I want 3 columns not a single one and not only vertical … if necessary …

the sense of confusion in the old configuration is only because each “compartment” was not well divided by a graphic frame, nothing more … it was about what to work, not in upsetting everything.

for ecample… like this…
some shit frames arranged in two minutes …
but they make the idea of subdividing into compartments

(apoclypse) #25

What heavy task is that? The only task that imo is demonstrably worse are the Theme and Keymap tabs which need to be re-designed imo anyway. Way too many options there and very little benefit. There is no reason to fudge around with the preferences that much in Blender.

I think this design is better overall, it follows Blender design language for parameter lists, it takes up less space than the old one, and you can easily add preference tabs to it without breaking anything. If add-on developers put their preferences in their own tabs, it won’t break anything. The problem with the old one is that you can’t add new preferences because you would need to find the space. You can’t add tabs because you would need to find the space. It was not a good design. It tied Blender into a corner when it came to preferences. Now they can just add a parameter in the list or a tab and call it a day.

(noki paike) #26

I would have nothing to say with a scroll bar for each column … for the addition of options compartments for the addons, provided that return 3-4 columns of main options at the base that show me an overview of all the major and more used options … not having to waste time looking for them every time I want to change them … also because probably the preferences is the least used of all … and easily the muscle memory fades in remembering the preferences options where they are …

(noki paike) #27

if the preference panels remain as they are … I swear I’ll do a shortcut popup with all the main preferences similar to the new magic contextual menu W key :joy:

(dudeses) #28

It’s all about usability. And new preferences window now have -100% usability. Cool organaized with -100% usability for daily work. We all have widescreen monitors and new preferences window not use this horizontal space - it’s shame. And with often changes in Blender I don’t want memorize where options must be place. My eyes don’t want watch scrolling process, bacause it’s diffucult for them tracking text. That why people prefer read paper book not ebook. I do not want to spoil the eyesight.

(SynaGl0w) #29

“Do you guys not have tall monitors?”


I get why they redesigned the preferences window and I can adapt to the changes, but I’m not a fan of keeping everything hidden all the time.

However, since this new preferences window is here to stay, I would like for it to remember what sub-categories I have opened. This way, I don’t have to keep re-opening them every time I open Preferences. Not a high priority, but hopefully this gets added in the future.

(apoclypse) #31

First of all usability in this case is subjective. I feel that the preference pane is more usable and better organized. I also value extensibility and consistency versus having everything on a screen with no real organization.

(Ace Dragon) #32

That would be useful for any part of the UI that doesn’t have such a memory built into it. It can then be even more useful if that memory was applied even after saving the file, closing Blender, and opening the file later.

(Hadriscus) #33

Properties has such a memory, I imagine it’s possible then !

(Thor Crowley) #34

maybe we could add a search function that includes the tooltips of the preferences options.
I personally find it quite hard to get to the options I am looking for.
In general it seems like a good idea to categorize the preferences but like it is now I find, myself open everything and reading through the entire option catalog far to often.
In addition to a search function, maybe some highlighting of the topics maybe some additional description.
IMHO the mouse button related buttons might be more intuitively found if placed in the “input tap”.

(Barry P) #35

That’s “What is the thing called that I want to change?” dilemma.

(0ptikz) #36

Here’s my major issue with this new system. Whenever I edit a theme, I open up all the panels so I can get it as close to the old system as possible. Sounds easy enough, right? Well, I make my changes, close down the user preferences, then inevitably realise that I have missed a setting. Now when I open the user preferences again, every panel I had previously opened is now collapsed, so I have to go through the entire process again.

I have to do this every single time I edit my preferences, and quite frankly, it’s driving me nuts.

(zeauro) #37

I agree that does not make sense to not keep Window as user closed it.
Addons and Keymap tabs are not affected by this problem.
But it is clearly annoying for everything else.

(William) #38

That should be fixed.

In the meantime, I can recommend opening the Preferences as an Editor inside the main Blender window. You can replace the Properties with it, or add it anywhere you like.

If you spend a long time on themes, this is a nicer setup, as you don’t have to jump back and forwards between the two windows.

(0ptikz) #39

Not sure why it never occurred to me to do it that way. That’s a decent workaround, cheers.