new primitives and nomals

whe dong some new primitives

is there a way of reversing or making certain taht normal ar outward ?

i got some that are inward
but how do you guaranti to get outward faces normal?

i men is it with the way you make faces CW or CCW ?


Is there a way you can post all your questions in one thread?

Just out of curiosity I counted 11 threads started by you on the front page alone all consisting of a single question that dies as soon as someone answers.

I’m actually amazed that people keep answering your questions since they all seem to be easy to learn by reading the docs (or google) but that just says a lot about the community on this forum.

Anyway, isn’t reversing the normals as simple as doing the vector math inverse thing? However that works…

well i’m learning as i go along and encounters problems!

i guess it’s 'part of the learning process

i tough the idea for the fourm was to ask questions and get answer !

i could loose all my day googeling
so the fourm should be faster hopefully and is it not the idea about this forum being the main one for blender’s python ?


i was talking about making faces with

faces = [5,10,12,6]
me1.faces.extend( faces )

some have normals outward other are inside
so not certain why this is so and if there is a way to aahve these going outward
depending where they are located !


I’m just saying it’s becoming increasingly pointless clicking on the python section when half of the entire first page is simple questions that are probably easily found in the Bpy reference manual if you took the time to read it.

Not like I’m asking you to quit asking questions (or learning) but to simply to quit spamming the forum with multiple threads that could be easily rolled into one general thread.

But do what you want.