New primitives needed

It would be nice have more primitives loke

cylinder/pipe with a thickness
Arch F( Angles and shapes )

This should be added as ordinary primitives in Blender.

May be there is already a script for theses?


These are easily created using simple primitives:

Disk: Make a circle, extrude (but don’t move) all egdes, Scale to 0
Pipe: Make a tube, extrude (but don’t move) all faces, Scale (use Shft-z to restrict movement in z plane)
Toroid: Use spin tool

Not sure what Arch F is…(picture?)

Download and install this script:
Then you can have any primitive you might find handy…

No way, you have to merge them at center!

1 )Arch
Like roman bridges with an arch
in 2 D or 3 D like a dome

kind of a parabola - programmable if possible !

F is simply Function of - remember your math

2 ) Yes a did that but it takes more time here and there and you end up
spending your time doing things that a computer is supposed to help you -save time not loose time !

and progam are suppose to be user friendly not make you frustrated
or you simply choose another program more user friendly !