New prob: can't mirror RVK on mesh with no center seam

My New problem is at the bottom, please help.

I am trying to have my mesh deform as I rotate a bone along the z-axis. When I rotate the bone the mesh is not deforming completely. It only deforms a little bit. I don’t know why, my IPO curve is set to 1 at 45 degrees rotation. I have Rot Z selected. Yet when I rotate the bone 45 degrees along the Z-axis my mesh only deforms about half as much as it should. Does anyone know why this is happening?

Could it be the vertex weights on the mesh? Check to see that all the verts are fully attached to the bone.

I assume you’re using a bone to drive a shape key?

The first thing that comes to mind is that maybe the bone isn’t rotating the way you think it is (despite what the IPO might show :slight_smile: ). Open up a numeric panel (N-Key) for the bone and check that the ZRot is really going to 45deg when you rotate it.

If this doesn’t help and no one else has a better suggestion then you may need to upload a blend.

Thanks for the replies.

Bakerman, it isn’t the vertex weights, all the verts are fully attached.

AndyD: Yea, I am using a bone to drive the shape key. I assumed that the bone was rotating differently to what I thought. I checked the numeric panel and when I rotate the bone 45 degrees it says the bone is rotating about 43 degrees in the negative direction. Do you know of a way to fix this? I tried re-calculating bone roll angle and that didn’t help.


Ok, so here is my problem. I want the driver to affect mesh deformation along an axis for 3 different axes; the x, y, and z(it is a shoulder). So should I re-create the bones so that the axes point in a true x, y, and z direction or is there a way to change the bone axis without deforming the bones or mesh? I would love some help on this.

You may have to delete the driver to make changes, especially if you already have keyframes (difficult to guess without seeing it), but Alt-R in Pose mode should bring it back to zero (if not then hit N and set all axii to zero there). Then put the driver(s) back.


I haven’t actually used shape drivers yet (other than messing with them) but I suspect your best bet is to just use the rotations Blender gives you in the N-panel. So if the rest position is at 32.3deg X and arm-down is at 79.35deg X - or whatever - adjust your driver settings accordingly. Clumsy maybe, but I imagine it would work.

Bugman had a similar problem with an action driver using weird rotations. If you can find that thread, it may shed a little more light on the problem.

Thanks guys,

Fligh: I think my problem was my bones were at an angle to begin with.

AndyD: I tried working with the current rotations but since all bone axes were rotating when I rotated in any direction I was having drivers activate when they shouldn’t have.

I went ahead and re-did the arms so that the axes were pointed in the global x, y, and z directions. Now when I rotate on the x-axis the rotation is only in the x-direction. Before when I rotated along any axis all of the axis rotations were changed.

Thanks again, I will post more here if I have more questions or revelations :slight_smile:

I am unable to mirror an RVK on my object that isn’t connected by a center seam. I tried removing the shape keys and connecting the mesh at a center seam but it didn’t work. Does anyone know how to mirror an rvk on a mesh that isn’t connected by a center seam?

What do you mean by a ‘center seam’? A Mirror Modifier as yet un-applied?


I meant the center vertices of a mesh that, yes, a mirror modifier would be flipped on. I guess I should have said flip an rvk. I am using the rvk symmetrize script to flip all of my rvk’s on one side to the other. I was having a problem flipping the rvk’s on one of my meshes. I was getting the polygon’s don’t match error. I just selected the polygons that didn’t match and shift+d’d them, mirrored them over the center axis, and removed doubles. For some reason that fixed the problem. Thanks for replying fligh% :slight_smile: