New Problem for New Proyect

Well hello everyone, i’m here to bring you another puzzle to solve. First the image then the explanation

Here I have two beautiful pair of boots generated by two diferent programs. They are practicaly the same object except for two diferences. The first one, as you can see, the one of the left belogs to the model in rest position, the one the right, to the same model in a particular pose. The second diference, is the UVmap information, as you can see on the right there is a nice unwarped uvmap, but on the Left there is only a line from the center to the top-right corner. My goal is to transfere the uv information from the right to the left. Now, i know how to do that (Ctrl+L -> Transfer UV map), but, while this proces worked fine with other objects from the same model (including the model itself), when I try to do this with the boots I get the following error

The first thing i thougt to do, was to remove doubles on edit mode on both objects, and this allowed me to transfer the uv map, but whent I put it the texture this is what I’d got

Although the UVmap seems correct, all the faces are scramble. Then I started to investigate about loops, edge loops, and evereything realted to that, but non of what a found was useful.

So, here I am looking for some help, about how to removes those loops, or how to avoid the scramble thing, or any thing that helps me to accomplish this titanic quest.

Thanks for you time. bye

Really?.. with all the people in this comunity, capable of do such amazing things on blender like the ones on the galery forum, no one has not even a single clue or idea about how to fix/do this?

For now, the only way I found to go on with my project, is to rearrange every polygon manually, wich in the boots wasn’t a big deal, but in this coat is a f&%$ing hell

To transfer the UVs the two meshes need to have the same vertex order. Your’s aren’t so it won’t work.
Just unwrap to its own new UVs and bake the texture from one object to the other (Render / Bake / Texture, enabling ‘selected to active’)

You may not have got much help since you never bothered to supply a blend file in your original post. If YOU make it easier for other users to help you, maybe they. If you make it more time consuming, maybe they won’t