new problem this time with my computer!

OK here’s my new problem sometimes(rarely) windows freezes up then after it 10 or 20 seconds reboots, then after it boots into my user it says “windows has recovered from a fetal error”(send report or no) then continues happily the rest of the day. Today I was in the middle of a report for school and it froze and rebooted(most of the way done too!) hadn’t saved recently, so any of you know what might be happening?

it’s an emachines W3650 with 160GB HD(including recovery partiton) with 1GB RAM any more info just ask.


when one of my family’s XPs boots it goes to the loading screen like thing then gives me this massage:

\systemroot\system\system\autochk.exe not found - skipping auto cheek

it then boots normally(?) but after selecting a uesr it reboots after 5 to 10 mins any help?

The specs are:

windows XP home.
intel celeron proessor

That’s all I know.

As far as i can remember this is a broadband Windows problem.
It can happen on many MS OS´s and have different causes.
You have to do a mental rollback on what you did lately and then use google :smiley:

You may find out whats causing the troubles.
One think i can remember is it can happen due to a messed up MBR.
Rebooting after 10 mins indicates some hardwareproblems, if the puter just goes blank and reboots… reboot is not enough information. If it is an instant power off and restart like a reboot first go to:

start>settings>control panel>system>advanced>startup and recovery>
uncheck “Automatically Restart”
in case you get a BSOD you can see whats causing it.

due to the reboot it might be a HDD taking its last breaths.

try to start from your windows CD, start the repair console and type:
FIXMBR <enter>
and reboot.

maybe it does the trick.

we’re giving it to a computer guy/friend of family to fix it. It would go power off and then reboot.

It is possably a driver issue, friend of mine updated his ATI drivers on top of old ATI drivers instead of un installing first, This caused a random error after 5 or 10 min and reboot on error was selected in some configuration setting. Of course instead of getting error message all they got was rebooted.

Check this link

The link shows more info on the subject.

No not a driver we never update them on that one. Also most likely not hard drive failing it worked 100% fine 2 days ago except that it had some spy-were on it. OH is there a virus that could attach itself to autochk.exe?

PS what does autochk.exe do anyway?

EDIT: after I explain would you gust still answer the above.
Explaining: Ok our family friend/tech guy fixed the autochk.exe thing then but for some reason it didn’t power off then reboot at his house, Heres the reboot problem a surge strip that most of our computers and our modem is plugged into! The strip is dying so the power goes in and out that would 1. explain why the heck the computer was rebooting and 2. explain why our internet is waving in and out! Thanks guys.

Never mind, sounds like your fixed up.

some spy-were on it

I saw your post regarding this a couple of days ago.
Your system has been compromited. Your not gonna get your system to a sane state anymore i am afraid.
You should search for a “reinstall windows guide”, or check the manual of your computer if you have one.

I have to revive this thread. The autochk.exe problem is back again this time this is exactly what we did:

  1. boot up the computer in the the kitchen(different and free circuit, also no internet in the kitchen)
  2. select “last known good config that worked” from XP boot menu
  3. mom’s fault, tell spybot(after booting in to the user) to deny one of the registry changes that came up accept the other 2(3 came up)
  4. comp froze forced to shut down reboot a minute later.
  5. gets to windows XP boot screen stays there for 7 secs the shows a screen simalar to the install screen that read “systemroot\system32\autochk.exe not found - skipping auto-cheek” it then goes back to the XP boot screen and countines to boot into windows
  6. after booting in the uesr we back somethings up and run a scan then shut down.
  7. next day reboot same problem this time when it boots in we back some more up and shut down.
  8. now I am here can I copy a autochk.exe(auto chk.exe?) form the aforementioned folder to a flash drive and move it over? The computer does have a (D:) HPRECOVERY drive should I boot into that and revert to factory settings after backing up some more?

Lay off the pron…


Maybe some help here?

“pron” what do you mean?

on topic: I remember the registry entire she denied it was “bootexecute” any ideas on how to fix it?

Oh man…I hope it didn’t get deleted!

Have you tried booting up into safe mode and trying a system restore?

no we have not. Also here’s what the error it says I got another look at the error message:
“systemroot/windows/system/system32autechk.exe no found - skipping auto check” The “/system” might no be in there but it’s that. What would I do if it got deleted?(I don’t even want reinstall but if we have to I’ll try and convince my parents to let me)

Well you should! Usually it is just a matter of powering down your pc and then tapping the F8 key while it restarts. Then just follow the prompts.
You can download autochk.exe and just put it in your windows\system32 folder, no big deal. It really isn’t needed to boot. Your system is wacked out for other reasons…

what other reasons? How can I get stuff from it if it’s “wacked out” as you put it and should I run HP recovery console?

Well, the first thing you need is a stable system, one that will continue to run without restarting. That is the reason I suggested booting into safe mode. Safe mode is just a very basic operating system with out all of the background applications running. If you can get that to run, then you may not have to reinstall windows, you may have success with a system restore from that mode of operation. You will have to restart after a system restore.
Autochk is just a newer version of the old chkdsk. What it does is verify file and disk integrity. I have turned it completely off at times while tweaking boot/resume/hibernate times. If your system is trying to find it and can’t, it will complain, but will still boot. (By the way, your system won’t complain if you turn autochk off.)
Have you tried safe mode yet?

I’ll try and boot into safe mode tomorrow, amd see if mom/dad will allow me to system restore.

NEW PROBLEM see first post

Here’s my advice:
Scrap Windows and get Linux.
The same sort of thing actually happened to me!
I had windows happily jumping up and down and I wanted Linux dual boot. Cuz I knew Linux ruled. (GO GNU)
Then I was doing Dual-Boot, when I tried Windows this pathetic error message(typical Windows) came up saying:
somethingsomethingsomething.dll is missing. Please contact you service… Blah blah blah.
So what’d I do?
I called Dell.
They said
"You got your computer in '03, now is '08, you got no more support service. Bye. (A little nicer but nothing really happened)
So I saved all my Windows files (Thank Ubuntu)
and scrapped Windows.
I now have a Macbook Pro, and one PC with Ubuntu and Kubuntu Dual boot. ( Soon to be Xubuntu, Kubuntu, Ubuntu tri-boot!)
So that’s how I did it, and any more help needed in getting rid of Mr. I-Need-DLLS-To-Operate, and installing Linux, PM me. But I’m lucky that my family transitioned to Linux on that computer smoothly.
I also had to dual boot my Mac with Windows. :frowning:
But soon it’ll be (if all works out):
PC: Windows (At hope that everyone stops coming to my Mac)
Macbook Pro: OSX the great, and (X)(K)Ubuntu.

Just re-install windows. you should back up everything and format every so often. I do it once every 6 months. It is like getting a brand new computer!
Linux is cool too, I just wish they had more hardware support and a better choice of applications. If you like games i would just stick with windows.

Before you format, go and get the recent drivers for all your devices, especially the network adapter if you use DSL or a cable modem.Just burn them to CD or DVD so it is easy to install them after you re-install windows.