New Project Agent Tim (in progress)

I am making a small animated series using blender 2.49b and blender 2.64.
The first Episode will be about a spy trying to sneak into the enemies base steel the research and escape.
All the characters are metal cubes (red vs green)
Anyone have Ideas let me know.

Here are the Finished clips.
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Check first post to see Episode 1. Cirque Please.

I really need feedback guys.

Start adding shadows and maybe a dof or mist effect

Good Idea I may try that for the third Episode. (second episode is almost done already)

Here is the second Episode, I hope you enjoy

Video will be the the first post as well.

you could work on the title shot, like maybe try a different font and a more action packed picture

Maybe I should use a different background pic for each episode?

There I changed the title image, how does it look?

Finally! Episode 3! Thanks for the feedback last time, now I need even more! This was done in blender 2.64 (my others were in 2.49b) AWESOME upgrade!!!

FEEEDDDBACK please! :wink:

Could I get critique on my fire explosions? Looks cool? or looks dumb.
This was the first time I used the smoke modifier.

IDK if people even watch this, but if you do feel “VERY” free to critique it, comment ideas, ect. In fact please do!

At 0:42, the helicopter blades needs to keep spinning as the camera sees it lowering to the ground and it needs to keep spinning for easier take off.

At 1:34, the explosion was okay but that could be improved. Once something is burning, the smoke continues to billow out from the spot it came from. Also the environment hasn’t changed from that explosion. No one is burning, no one jumped from the force of the explosion and there was very little to no reaction from it.

At 2:04, multiple shots need to be fired to take down a helicopter.

From 2:20 to 2:21, if the copter was falling to the ground, you need to keep the helicopter falling when you switch the cameras. When a helicopter crashes to the ground, it never stays intact if its lying on its side. Parts of it will be broken off. The smoke must also emit from the spot it was hit.

Overall, it was ok. But you don’t need to keep asking people for their opinions on it. Just tell your story and keep going.

Ok great Ideas, And ok fine I won’t ask for peoples opinions, If they want do give it they will.

i think the explosions and smoke are the best things in your movie.
Story and camera is ok.
But I would find it much better if you make it more cartoon style
photos as textures can look realy boring
I would like to see your movie in a style like this

… with simple and fresh colors

Well, that could take a while for Tiger. If he was only able to make it at this quality, he might not be that advanced in Blender. No offense, NDV.

None taken. I am just learning blender 2.64 so It will take awhile before I start getting the hang of everything.
I like my video with textures. I made a minecraft video with simple textures like the video you posted and nobody liked it.

A Preview shot of a scene from Agent Tim Episode 4 which will be coming soon!

That does look a lot sharper, your texturing has improved quite a bit since the first episode.

Thanks. I did spend quite a while texturing things more HD.
The Next Episode is quite near completion, should be done by the end of next week maximum. I’m trying to finish it by the end of this week though.
Thanks for the feedback, I always like to hear what others think.


Finally! Episode 4. Feedback is welcome also please press the like button if you even somewhat enjoy, Also please subscribe to my channel.
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Here is Episode 4!

Thanks again!