'New' project isn't a new project...

When I click ‘new’ in the file menu, instead of getting a new project I have 2 scenes, one of which is an old project I was workling on. Is there some setting somewhere that sets what a ‘new’ project is, the scenes it contains etc?

Yup… if you type Ctrl-U whatever you’re currently blending becomes your new default. You can delete everything, add a lamp and a cube, re-enter the Ctrl-U, and you’re back to the usual default.

Or, even more easy, find the .b.blend file in the Blender/.blend dyrectory and delete it. The next time you open the program, you will have the default scene.

Okay, but I don’t want this. How do I get it back to normal i.e. I click new and I get a proper ‘new’ file to start from?

Not sure what you mean by “proper ‘new’ file”. The default scene (cube in the center, camera offset on the Z and X axes, and a lamp to the north east of the camera view) is what you get when you select ‘New’ from the menu with Blender as it ships. If you want something different (empty scene, special lights and camera position, split screens, whatever), just set up everything the way you want it, and hit that Ctrl-U, and that will be what you see for ‘New’ from that point forward.

Ah ok, I was after te default scene as you described, I guess I’ll have to just delete everything in the scene and ctrl-u it…