New Project - music video

Blender Artists Community,

I am working on creating a music video animation for my bands song to be released shortly. I am not going to get too ambitious with it, but I want to use blender and maybe other open source tools for the animation.

One thing I am thinking and would like to go with is the use of using images as back drops to save time - I am thinking of going for a 2D or 2.5D style animation in blender.

So one problem I am having is the colors seem to get washed out - I am using the import as plane user add-on, a simple camera pointed directly at the plane, and a hemi light pointed downward on the scene. Below is a screenshot. I fingure I am probably setting my light or render settings wrong and it is a simple fix.

If someone could give me a tip, or point me to a post that may have already covered this, that would be very helpful.


Set your image plane to shadeless. Properties > Material > Shading > Shadeless.

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Thanks! That did it alright - now it looks just like the image file.

I knew someone would know an easy fix for this.


I wanted to outline what I am thinking for the music video.

What I want to do is have backdrops as images on planes. Then I will give several planes different depths to give the “cartoon depth” feel to the rendering.

The I will have a simple character appear in this setting and sing and dance along with the music.

Maybe I will also have the lyrics scrolling by on the screen or something.

Like I said, nothing too fancy, but I want it to look slightly better than amateur.


Here is a list of software I am currently sure I will be using for this project:

  1. Blender - for the animation, staging, and rendering and probably the compositing.
  2. Inkscape - for creating the backdrops and lyrics
  3. The Gimp - for post-processing if any and for tweaking the final product if needed.

One cool idea I thought might work is to run the end result through a filter to make it look like an old 35mm movie.




So just so everyone knows my starting point for this project.

  1. I take an image I have made in png format.
  2. I import this into blender as a plane
  3. Aim a camera directly at this plane
  4. set the plane as shadeless as per above
  5. If you do the above, you don’t even need a light and it will render.

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Have you considered using GLSL rendering? You can do layout and testing in the timeline using scene strips. Checkout these tutorials. Only drawback is lack of decent alpha channel support.

I will have to check that out. I am still in the scoping phase though so deciding on a redering engine or even strategy for overall look is a bit premature.

Thanks for the info though it looks like this could speed things up if I need it.

Well, I had to change directions, and ended up with a lyric video. I did this all in blender - I think it came out pretty good considering my time constraints:

Have a look. And big thanks to everyone who has ever helped me with Blender.

Pretty cool. Lots of work there, how did you achieve the typewritter effect? Was it a wipe of each line or new letters (build effect)?

thanks for the kind words. i bet there was an easier way. but i found a free typwriter font, wrote the text, converted to mesh, seperated by loose pieces, then moved into position letter by letter. it appears instantly if you do it in a frame.

a wipeprobably would have been easier, but i didn,t know how.

Hmmm, the reveal effect I was considering would need mono spaced fonts to make the reveal work one letter at a time (yuck).
But check this cool blog with lots of tips on kinetic typography.