New Project Starting Up, GREAT oppertunity :)

Hey Blender! My name is Mike and i have a good idea for a game. Since most, or some of your modeling and blender know how far surpass mine (My Knowledge isnt terrible though) I took it upon me to post and look for more people and assemble a team. The game is based in ancient times, its a Warcraft-esk kind of game (MMORPG). Basically you get to pick between male and female, next you get to customize your characters looks ( like every other MMO) then you are able to select which god you would like to be a descendant of ( IE Poseidon, Zeus, Hades, Artemis… etc.) The starting areas in which players begin their journey will be located wherever their father/mother rules EXAMPLE) Poseidon’s children would start by a beach, or in an underwater kingdom. Along with the choice of parents, players will also receive certain bonuses, abilities and spells (EX. Poseidon’s children would get increased swim speed, longer breath. etc, where as Zeus’ children would get a Lightning bolt attack that inflicts a certain amount of damage, but with a cooldown. etc) I think that if i can get a team together, we are more then able to pull this together.

PS: I am also a part of the intel partnership program, this gives us the opportunity to get cheap-free components to aid in the development process, if intel sees that progress is being made, and that they arent giving away these components for a project that will fall through.

Things i am looking for:
Co-Founder: [0]/[1] ( Needs good knowledge of Blenders game engine, and Modeling Tools )
Project Manager: [0]/[1] ( Needs to be able to use authority to keep the project on track, and have good knowledge of blender)
Head Modeler: [0]/[1] ( Needs to be able to help modelers with any issues they encounter, aswell as model things him/herself when needed)
Character/Weapon Modeler:[0]/[3] ( Modeling AND texturing )
Building/Environment Modeler: [0]/[5] ( Modeling AND texturing )
Story Line Developers: [1]/[2] ( Be good with words, have fluent english, if you are fluent in more then one language that is GREAT, Will be working alongside myself)

Also i have free web hosting for the project, so a web developer would be nice aswell.

Please only contact me if you are confident in your skills, and have a skill you think is key in the developmental process.

MSN: [email protected]
Email: [email protected] (Make subject line “GAME DEVELOPMENT”)
Can contact me on aswell

Cheers, Diligence (Mike Curtis)

Also, Needs a name.

Also, needs some substance

What set’s you apart from all the other failed attempts at MMORPGs by indie developers. What niche are you aiming for and what innovation are you planning on bringing to the field. Do you have any current progress? People need something to inspire them, there is only so much dreams and enthusiasm can do to inspire confidence in you.

Hopefully I’m just being cynical, your post contains a lot of vague ideas. If making MMOs were that easy everyone would have done it.

i am in the midst of writing the rest of the story, and as for progress to make progress, a team is needed, Ive always been into game design, again this would be a learning curve for me. And what i want to bring to the table, i want to bring a well designed MMO to the people, something different then all the rest, that may sound far fetched, but i have tonnes of good ideas, and i am in all awareness that it is not easy. But it is deffinatly worth a shot. Ive set up my deal with intel, that includes free advertising on their website, and success stories for the team when the project is completed, they will provide the tools, if we provide the product. I know it may seem far fetched but once i have the story down, the rest will follow (provided i have a good team together by then)

And i do respect your critique, it is a bit vague, and for that i appologise. But id you REALLY want to know a bit more about it, why not help out a bit, im sure your good at something when it comes to BGE.

Sincerely, Diligence

I have seen many projects like this posted in the team projects, and people come along and just beat it down so that person probably has no motivation to ever work with the BGE again. I don’t want that to happen to you, so that’s why I’m posting. I’m just going to give you some facts and questions to consider.

Game stories are a dime a dozen, especially around here. Just look around the team projects forum.

The story is the easiest and quickest part of any game.

Nobody will join your project unless they have a good reason to join yours instead of the other dozen team projects that actually have something completed, and are getting things done.

What skills do you bring to the team? Leadership? Experience? Expertise? Do you have any past works? Specific examples will help.

Nobody has ever completed a MMORPG in Blender. Ever.

What is the Intel partnership precisely? I believe most people aren’t familiar with it. You might want to make it clear what advantage that gives you and your team.

Please don’t think I’m discouraging you from making this game. I encourage you strongly to continue with this. Just take the points I mentioned into consideration, and make yourself unique in a good way. Goodluck with your game!

thank you wehrdo, i do not take that as discouragement at all, do not fret. And to anwser your questions.

What i bring to the table:
I have been lead in many small projects in modding games, we have used modeling programs to create new things for certain games, such as world of warcraft. I was the head of that operation and many like it, so i know what it takes to keep everyone on task and meet a deadline. I work Extremely well with others, i dont mind a bit of goofing around as long as in the end the work gets done. im friendly, and treat everyone on the team as an equal. and a bit more about the Intel Partnership Program can be found here , but basically intel is reaching out to unknown developers, despite age, and is helping them bring their product to the consumer by offering advertising, AND if enough result is shown to them for them to make sure it is a serious project they will provide things such as processors, computers, laptops, and so forth for the developmental process.

Does that about anwser your question?

To add to my last post, i may have been unclear, the modeling will be done in blender along with the texturing, but i want to export it to the unreal engine, seeing as its a more dedicated engine capable of more things.

Almost :smiley:

Could we see some images, videos, etc. of the things you have worked on? Just so people can see the quality of the work.

<life skills>
Also, just for future reference, specific examples and details of things carry much more power than generalizations.

Instead of saying, “I was in a team project where we made a game once.”

You say, “7 months ago I was the programmer and leader of a game called UjaBuja. (Website here) Here is a video of the final game. I’ve attached some in-game screenshots also”

If somebody reads the first one, they’ll think, “Oh, he pong with his friend.”
If somebody reads the second one, they’ll think, “Wow, that’s a sweet game. He helped make that?!”
</life skills>

Now see the things is, im just starting this progress so its almost impossible for me to submit screenshots of things that dont exist, but im working on concept art as we speak. And "6 months ago i was lead developer for a group called divine gamers, just before i left they formed this website called “GamerDrive” which was meant to be an online community for gamers. But it has since shutdown, and i cannot find the youtube videos that we made to premote us as they were not on my youtube account.

How about that?:3