new project: vissesonce

Hey everyone I have started a new project called Vissesonce

The project intends to evolve better methods for capturing, loading, modeling and rendering the Entire 3D visual essence of real world objects.

It will also host a creative commons based repository of textures.

Hope you all check it out at:

and give lots of feed back

I don’t even know of anyone thats done this before !

The link is a dud.

Yes it is, but if you delete the “]” after the address it works fine.

Thats so cool! (I’ll think of something better to say later).

Wow! That’s a brilliant idea! I hope that one day that becomes a world wide repository for 3D artists to get things like that and input their own. Good luck.
Oh yeah, learn to spell:
Welcome is not “wellcome”
and it’s ‘collaborate’.
It’s majorly lacking in a accessible page structure.
Take off those edit wiki pages tabs etc which are useless anyway, it’ll just screw the project over, instead put together some way to pool the resources and sort them, or at least get people to sort them, sort of like a forum.
Site navigation tabs, I’d advise you add a home page where you can introduce the idea then a place to submit, register, login area, an area to discuss it ie forum and of course an area to get the items, kinda like a big library page with major fields that branch down into their individual parts.
Anyways that’s just my two cents.

Yes the wiki needs all that stuff, thanks for the input on how to structure it!
and I fixed the spelling (thats a real weakness of mine, thanks)

The wiki was just created a week ago so hopfully people contact me and help!

Hey dose anyone know what froot is next as for the big blender projects?

Id like to capture and donate its vissesonce.

If any of you want to see more goto
Its just Cross Cut time lapse there not vessisonce.

Also can anyone suggest a batch method of loading all of those textures into new materials and entering all the settings.

It took me hours using xmacro to load that dam onion!
Is there an avid scripter out there willing to help?

I posted a very hi quality render of the onion just below the youtube embed