New Project: Warlords-like game

I’m tryng to recreate a very old, yet very addicting game for the atari 2600 called warlords. I’m still fairly new to blender, but I have some good graphics made. I have a good menu set up, but that’s it… :stuck_out_tongue:
If anyone wants to help me, I attached the .Blend.

It’ll be kinda easy to make, because it is a very simple game, with simple AI.

Warlords Youtube Video


Warlords.blend (775 KB)

Wow this looks great man! Can’t wait to see more progress (downloading now)

Edit: Wow, downloaded it, GREAT MENU! Love the lighting! But your textures are not packed, so it’s just colors, and nothing happens when I get to the game. Controls?

How can I pack the textures so that it will show on any computer? :spin:

I haven’t set up the main game yet, so there aren’t really any controls yet.


go to file>>external data>>pack into .blend.

OK. Updated version here:

Darn it, it exceeded the max file size…
Here’s a mediafire upload