New Project

I’m kinda new at blending and I was wondering if anyone could give me some ideas for a scene to blend, whether it be a character, scenic, or just plain weird. Any comments or suggestions are welcome. Thanx a lot if u post an idea, it will help me more than you will know. :smiley:


Try something real lookin

What I find interesting is to pick an object - it could be something rather ordinary. The challenge is often not in building the model(s) - although this certainly can be - , but in making them look good. Strive for being able to identify and incorporate subtle details. Then, build a scene around it. I started out with a spoon once, and ended up with an entire scene that looked like the inside of a small (older) apartment. I have a another scene where I started out modeling a student’s desk (like you might find in an elementary or middle school), and ended up with a classroom scene- complete with two students.

You could try to tell a story

hehe heres a good exaple of what overextruded was talking about.

I looked at my PC desk and there was a leter opener, i thought i’d model it and then an hour later heres what happened =P

Enter the Photorealism contest. This great incentive for jumping into Blender with both feet.

thats a good idea, i would have never thought to model common objects
i usually just try to think of something weird to do but it ends up being way too hard for my ability, thanx!


Yep…exactly what I’m talking about. A very good image, too.