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I’m starting a game that is probably a hefty project for somebody of my skill level. I don’t really have any .blends to show yet, but I have pretty much finished the basic storyline, and I have some monster concept art (but no place to upload it)

  The game starts in a creepy torture room. A short cutscene outlines that you have no memory of who or where you are, or why you are there, and then you are playing. you leave the room and discover that you are in an extensive dungeon. In some of the cells lurk freakish half-human creatures, frantically trying to grab hold of and presumably eat you. It would not be smart to open their cells. As you get farther along, one creature patched together from the remnants of badly matched people, and carrying a sword made of bone, is patrolling a hallway. It spots and chases you. As you run, you attract the attention of more guards, but with no weapon, you must keep running. Eventually you will either reach the exit or get caught and killed, and then you wake up. Unfortunately, you go from a bad dream to a worse reality, in which you are locked in a machine that, as you see happen to a person in a similar machine next to you, will remove your brain and plant it in a robotic spider-like thing, which will be brought out of the room to an unknown fate.However, just as the machine you are in starts to warm up, it starts spewing smoke (if I can make reasonable smoke in the game engine) and breaks, dropping you to the floor. You get up, and find that you have a pistol strapped to your side, but you only have one clip of 5 rounds. You still can't remember who you are, or why tou have a gun, etc. Upon leaving the room, you find that you are in a dungeon very similar to the one in your dream, but all the cells contain computers and electronics, with wires running in a network from cell to cell. Agan, a sentry (a robot this time) sees you, and if you kill it, drops a sword you can use if you are out of bullets (which you probably will be, those robots are tough) Eventually you will find the exit (in the same place as the dream, it's easier to find if you succesfully stayed alive through the whole dream). 

yaay, you beat the 1st level!
As you play through the game, every level starts with a dream version for the level, and then the real version in which you can actually die, but have guns and stuff. gradually, you will learn that the world is overrun by these machines, and that you were a member of the last remaining human city (sound familiar?) and that the robots captured you, and extracted the general location of the city from your brain. They want the exact location, but to get that they first had to lock your memory in your subconcious, and throught the dreams, a form of psychological torture, ease the appropriate information to the surface where they can extract it alone. then they will plant your brain in one of their robots to be used as a processor (after all, some people say that there is no computer that can match the speeds of the human brain’s potential) However, the computer they were using ran across a virus encoded in your brain and crashed, releasing you from your mental prison. For some reason, you continued to undergo the dream torture when not connected to the computer, however. You realize that the machines are checking all over the general area your brain supplied for the city’s location, and that you must find the city first, and warn them.
Eventually you escape the dungeons, the castle above them, and the castle grounds, and have remembered the exact location of the city. You hop in a (conviniently near and ready) car and go there (This will probably be a cutscene). Upon arriving at the city, you descover that it has been destroyed, and overrun with robots. As you gape at the ruins of humanitie’s last chance, the leader of the machines comes up behind you, paralyzing you with a beam weapon of some sort. It proceeds to gloat over it’s sucess, as you meanwhile remember everything. You were an agent from the human city, and you intended to be caught as a part of a desperate last attempt a t defeating the robots. A virus was planted in your brain that was supposed to destroy the machine’s central network, and meanwhile upload as much information on your brain as possible so you could return to the humans and they could find a way to beat the machines. Unfortunately, the machine’s information retreval system was more efficient than the humans anticipated, and the machines got all of this information out of your brain before the virus could do much harm.
You snap out of your memories when you realize that the master machine is not moving, and niether are any of the other ones. Out of various hiding places in teh sourrounding terrain people start to emerge, cheering. It seems that the second virus, which was put on your brain without your knowledge, destroyed the machine’s mainframe, and that the humans were able to escape the city before the machines arrived.There, that’s the general story, as far as I have come up with it

Any comments or suggestions?

(also, I would appreciate help making the game, particularly people with knowledge in Python programming, or UV unwrapping, both of which I am dismal at)

In terms of features, I plan to make all enimies have removable limbs, so you can shoot off their arms/legs/etc. I am pretty sure of how I can do this, and I’m almost done with a model I can test it on. (I’m a pretty slow blenderer)

there, I’m done. (sorry it was so long)
-edit- Does anybody else have a May 26 birthday?

Hmm… What are you smoking? :wink: Just kidding. But that’s pretty nasty. And the dream thing for EVERY level would get old fast. How about chapters, and have just one dream thingy per chapter?

That’s a good point, but there would only be about 3 levels, and they would be prettylong, while the dreams would be much shorter, and you could just die strait off, if you wanted to skip the dream ( the point of the dreams is to help you along in the levels, they aren’t vitally important.) Also, the dreams would be more running and hiding, while the real world would be more shooting and searching.
However, I understand your point, and will take it into consideration.

(my, I’m feeling wordy today)

wow i love the story and senario that your planning on making!!

That’s an interesting concept, but like Saxofoner said, the dream sequences will get repetitive. Also, would it be an FPS or a Third-Person survival horror game?

Oh and, happy belated birthday. My B-Day was May 1st. Just turned 23.

I’m thinking it would be an FPS, but I might make it so the player can switch back and forth, depending on what situation they’re in (FPS for ranged fighting, 3rd person for melee fighting and running away, maybe)

i think that you played silent hill very much (dreams stuff).but making this game will take for ever if you planning to make it alone.
good luck

here is some concept art and basic stats

a rotling and a runner (I need better names)

A zombie and a harvester

a trispider and a mobile sentry unit (or perhaps a Self Powered Turret)

sorry for my auful handwriting

the numbers in the bubbles are the health per limb/body part, in case anybody cares

I have the rotling modeled and (badly) textured, I’m working on a generic human base.

:DAnything is doable if well planned enough…

Hmm… story is ala Matrix and SG-1, lol. It’ll be an interesting game, I’ll be looking out for it.

Jason Lin

I actually really like the story.

The only thing that I dont like is the dream every mission.
Maybe you should lengthen the storyline just a bit so their would be 5 levels. Remember it does’nt have to be a completly new setting to be a new level.

I really like you ideas and I probly would help but all im good for is modeling and probly not that good at that either. still if your interest look at some of my posts and pm me.

i really like the module based element in the enemy design, and the scetches are you going to have spawn centers which you have to destroy and portable fences and turrets.

Nice idea. I think there could be one dream, and since your dream machine was destroyed, you wouldn’t have any more, and it would be, like, a training mission. I also don’t think they would leave you with a gun, so you should have to find one first. And I think the dream should be really crazy and dream-like. And happy birthday. Mine was May first.

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