New Puzzle Game Project

Project Name - (unnamed)

Project Description - The goal of this game will be to get a a ball from the top of the screen down to a target goal. You will achieve this goal by building the level in real-time.

I would really appreciate any feedback you guys can give me.

There seems to be a bug where a block is added into the center of the screen whenever one is added anywhere else. If any of you can solve it I that would be great.

I get this error message when I stop the game. The line code does work (at least part way) because the newly added object does go to the place I want it to. I still would like any help I could get on this issue. Thanks!

Here is the blend


Drawing.blend (136 KB)

Took a break from trying to figure out the bug and worked on the gameplay.
I would still like feedback on any part of the game.

New Blend


Drawing.blend (257 KB)

I like the idea of your game, you should add obstacles like spinning things and moving things to make it harder.

Any way, I found your problem:
On line 23:

G.addActiveActuator(add, 1)

Change that to:


When you add an actuator it doesn’t kick in until the script has ended, so by that time you’ve missed the getLastCreatedObject()

Looks good! Reminds me of a game i made a while ago, a line rider clone. I may find that file and post it in finished games.

Thanks everything is now working as it should.