New Question: Starting anims from beginning in GE

Is there a way to make an animated object move an actor? I’m trying to make the putter move the ball, but it just swings through, which I figured it would probably do. Nothing ever works the way you want it to. But is there any way to accomplish this. The putter in being moved by a bone in an armature. Thanks.

the armature is clearly your problem

if you make a bone-child with resonable bounds it might work better, but an object ipo would be the best approach

When I use the loop stop option with the action actuator, I get a problem. When I press the button to play the animation in the game then stop it midway, then try to start it again, it resumes at the spot where I left off. In other words, how do I get the animation to restart at the beginning every time I press the button.

Dont use the Loop stop option or if you really need to use this option then use another action that brings it back to frame one.

Thanks MagicMan. That’s what I ended up doing.