New racing game using Blender

We are (a hungarian company) working on a new racing game.
This is not a BGE game, we use our engine (under development).
All the environment models and the levels coming from Blender directly into our engine! We have very fast pipeline, great joy to work with it! (Automatic exports of the models and the levels.)
My work in this game: ~40% of the environment models and 100% of the levels. Our modelers uses 3dsMAX, but all models exported to Blender.
(Cars are exported from 3dsMAX directly into our engine.)

More screenshots (work in progress!):

Looks sweet, did you make all those textures for the environment yourself?

Looks very nice!

Will the game be freeware?

Impressive and indeed probably a tad above BGE’s current capabilities…
What platforms are being targeted?

LOL, Vary nice.

i hope the license will be GPL2/3
and will be there port for linux? anything about networking?

good luck :slight_smile:


Nice use of lighting and shadows, crisp textures, and a nice feeling of location in all the shots. I especially like the cargo containers in the last photo and the shops / barriers in the middle one. Can’t wait to see some shots with more cars! What kind of polycount are those scenes running at?

@JulianH - I doubt it, especially given there are real corporate logos on the car. Most companies don’t like the idea of letting people do whatever they want with their logos. :slight_smile:

I would love to know if there’s likely to be a Linux version available though… :smiley: Either way, it’s looking great! (The motion blur is a nice touch, too).

wow, this is very beautiful!
i`ll definitely buy one copy when this is out!
console or pc?

pretty awesome, add some atmospheric effects and particles, it will look like GRID. I like the motion blur. Good luck with further development

geez, that looks really cool, good luck with this

Yes, I and my colleagues.

Windows only…

No Linux port and no GLP, because this is a commercial project.

On a common level: 400.000 triangles. But in render view you can’t see these all, of course.
But many things casts realtime shadows, so this lifts up the polycount.
And there is realtime reflection on the player car, calculated in every frame (rendering a cubemap).

I know nothing about BGE but i’m interested
So i would like to know if something like this is possible in BGE

Racing game FTW!
Screenshots look excellent. It’s nice to hear you are using Blender in your pipeline.

Please keep us posted on the progress.

some Blender viewport images uploaded
(if somebody interested on a non-AAA and non-BGE project hehe :slight_smile: )

Wow, you’ve really done a great job of keeping the poly’s low for a very realistic look. Nice texturing, lighting and shadows really make it! I’m still jealous of your 300,000+ poly scenes. :slight_smile:

What are the specs of your machine and what kind of polycount are you getting at the moment? Also, does this game have a (working) title yet?

endi? with 3dsmax users?
how is that possible?

hehe :slight_smile:
in gamedev 3dsmax the mostly used software…

we cant found blender users

What are you talking about?
Endi always said we should have a UI like 3dsmax. :wink:

The screenshots look great, good luck with the game!

Edit: Why did you export objects to Blender first? For UV texturing?