New Randomize Transformations Addon

Hello! I’ve decided to finally release my addon for randomizing object transformations. I actually wrote the script a couple of months or so ago, but only just now released it because I was holding out and hoping that we would see some sort of callback functionality for frame changes, etc. Anyway, rather than never release it, here it is!

(I know there are work-arounds and hacks for getting frame-change functionality, but I prefer to keep my code clean and simple and just wait for the proper tool.)

Below is a video showing how it works. I apologize for the audio quality. I accidentally had my microphone sensitivity turned up a bit too much. And also, the video flickering at the top.

For now, the addon can be downloaded from here: Link (ZIP)
The full Randomize folder must be placed in your addons directory (Don’t just move files).

Please let me know if you enjoy the addon and if you find it useful. I am open to hearing feedback! And definitely let me know about bugs. There very well could be some, but I just wanted to release the script sooner rather than later.

The zip file contains a .git repo. Are you hosting the GIT repo somewhere? I’d love to keep up to date with your addon by just using GIT. Thanks, Loop.

Ah, yes. Right, it does! I intended to remove that. Oh well. I just use Git locally for all my development work. But no, currently I’m not hosting the repo anywhere. I haven’t looked into doing that sort of thing yet.

Hehe, very reminiscent of my old BNT for 2.49 (see signature)
Very good !
Keep it up !

looking great! but still not that different from Blender’s own randomize transform operator, need to add more stuff :wink:

@liro: Hah! Well that’s funny. I hadn’t even realized there was a Randomize Transform operator. Don’t know how I missed that since it pops up next to my own operator. Also a coincidence that my UI layout is so similar. Though I think it was a pretty obvious solution.

Anyway, now that I’ve compared them, I can say this: At the moment, where my script improves is the ability to animate the effect. This is a benefit of using an object/parent-based operator (persistent property storage). The built-in Randomize Transform operator does not support animation. (You could of course key individual loc/rot/scale each time you apply this operator, but it’s not as simple as my solution.) Oh, and speaking of… I completely forgot to mention in my video that I have delete buttons (X) for removing all child keyframes for loc, rot, OR scale on the current frame. Forgot about that until now.

Another thing that I like is that in my add-on I have separated the seed parameter into three separate seeds - just a little bit more flexibility.

So I guess, yeah, you could see my add-on as a improved version of the Randomize Transform operator - useful in cases when you want just a little bit more flexibility or the ability to animate. But of course, if you just want to quickly add randomness to a static scene, then yeah, maybe the built-in operator is simpler since it doesn’t require an Empty parent.

As for extra features, the obvious one I’ve been thinking about is support for falloff curves. I’ll get around to doing that sometime.

Anyway, thanks for the heads up!

I like the empty concept, maybe create your Randomize Obj on top of selected objects…