New Rank at 1000!

I think that the people who visit elysiun so often and share their wisdom so much, deserve to have a new rank at 1000 posts, and possibly another at 2000. Why hasn’t this been implemented before? I know phpbb, and It’s very simple to add a new rank. Please consider doing this, admins, because I think it would be worthwhile.

new elYsiun means new ranks :slight_smile:

wait a few more months, development on the current elYsiun will be kept to the bare minimum untill that time.


i sent a pm to timothy, and it had no reply, so maybe he is keeping a HUGE secret…

but probly not

Ah sorry I must have overlooked that pm :slight_smile:

no problem…im sure it is tough running this wretched site, especiallly with valarking around…lol

I hope you were kidding when you said “this wretched site” This is one of the best communitys I’ve seen.

i think that, instead of having an assigned rank, theeth or other admin/mods, can promote you to being able to pick ur own title. but only after a certain # of posts, and only if a mod lets you.

theres the same sorta system at

the reason is, people (i wont name names nathan )but people spam, and have 1000 posts in just like 3 months. ive spamed, but nothing that useless.

Yeah, that would be cool! :smiley: