New redner Luxrender

there will by a new open source render Unbiased render

which should will integrated with blender.

i like this open source community.

a new tool for us to prove the artist inside us

Please note that the site is in the process of being set-up, so there may be some quirks here or there. The announcement might have been a little premature. The first builds should be available this coming Friday.

This is so awesome!

Finally a good open-source solution. I’ll built it right way :slight_smile:


but it was amazing to hold in.

Wow this looks sweet :slight_smile:
This should be integrated asap! :slight_smile:

Could i hope for this to work safe under linux 64 bit? I had to give up indigo when moving from windoze to linux.

Weren’t these guys working on Indigo too? Why another one?

because this one is open-source! :smiley: and has been born out of the ‘PBRT project’ meaning, its just awesome!

AFAIK, Indigo is a one-man-show app. One that the author could easily (and wisely) take commercial any time he wants to. Its output already rivals Maxwell, and so he could compete in all ways 'cept the exporters - which he could strike deals to incorporate. Not saying he’s gonna, just that he could.

OSS is nice. Integrated/focused on blender is nice. Looks like they’ve a ways to go, tho. Good luck to them!:slight_smile:

This looks extremely promising !
I am rather curious to see the degree of integration to Blender…
Really exciting news !
I hope it won’t kill Indigo though. Is there enough room for all those renderers ?

It looks very promising. I’d love to see a Blender integration!

What is the speed as far as ray-tracing and/or buffer shadowing goes?


A linux version has already been successfully compiled - it’ll be released soon.

Note that the win32 version works perfectly under wine anyway.

I’m a heavy user of Indigo, but I will also use and contribute to this project as well, going forward.

Mac OS? My complaint with Indigo is no Mac support.

It’s an unbiased render engine. It doesn’t use either.

There’s biased rendering as well.

(it’s based on PBRT, which is a biased renderer)

Ah… wasn’t aware of that. Thanks

Hi everyone,
I’m posting this at various locations around the web where
people mention our project.
Due to severe problems with our previous hosting account,
our site has experienced nothing but issues since it’s launch
2.5 days ago.
Now we have also lost our domain, and the
chances of getting it back are unknown, but it might
take up to 2 weeks to get it transfered, if i can get it
transfered in the first place.
We have migrated to a new host and the site can be reached
until further notice…
please read up about our hosting issues here:

A linux version has already been successfully compiled - it’ll be released soon.

Note that the win32 version works perfectly under wine anyway.
That’s not the point, at least for me. Indigo is closed and for example Linux support can just disappear some day and there is nothing that can be done about it.

Indigo is good and I hope Lux can someday compete.

That looks amazing! The downside of course will be render times… I wonder what kind of speeds are involved. I think the images would be worth the wait.


interesting work. is it maybe somehow possible to bring those tools straight into blender
so it can be used with Blender additional tools (node, render layers, etc.)