New Reel


Finally graduated, here is my new reel. Blender was definitely used, check the breakdown sheet. So if anyone knows someone at ILM or similar, I’d be grateful for an introduction.


Wow one of the best reels i´ve ever seen!!
good luck !

Good looking stuff! Best wishes for your success. I enjoyed this reel as well:

I would send both to potential employers.

those are both yours? damn, impressive as hell dude

Omg! Professional quality!

Very good reel :slight_smile:

I recognize that underwater organ/titanic scene.

Where did you learn compositing like that? I am very interested in learning it :slight_smile:

Thanks for the comments everyone :slight_smile:

I taught myself “how to see” by:
a: playing with cameras as I was growing up
b: studying shots from movies and trying to match that quality level.

You can learn a lot if you try to re-create a shot from say ILM pixel per pixel (for learning purposes only). Try making shots that look like they are deleted scenes from a move.