new release candidate

new rc released

looks like it doent have the sculpt tool

The sculpt tool I would’ve expected to be in there, it was just beginning to take shape and isn’t even near completion.

I do wish the cloth simulation could’ve made it as it was in a very usable state, perhaps if the developer stops work Ton or someone else can finish it though you can use softbodies for the time being.

You can you those realtime (game) demos with the 2.42 release candidate:

Physics & Vehicle Demos for Blender 2.42 (updated)

Graphics Demos for Blender 2.42, including GLSL Parallax Mapping:

Also, the new 2.42 release can export to Google Earth format through COLLADA 1.4 exporter.

looks like it doent have the sculpt tool

The sculpt tool is not finished yet and won’t be for atleast a little while. It won’t be in 2.42, neither will the cloth modifier be.

i love the test files

I really love the changes in the sequencer - works a lot better then 2.41!!:slight_smile:
And the material nodes in this are a little better with the preview window than what I had downloaded in the CVS.
Yes, I would love the Sharpconstruct tools, but this is greatly appreciated as si right now!!

the seqeancer is close to perfect

so 2.42 sequencer vs. Pinnacle Studio 8 vs. Jahshaka?:confused:

What does the Link Scale button in the Transform Properties windows do?

And what are the DimX/Y/Z inputs for ?


Edit. Brain fade. Sorry.

Link Scale:

Click on one of the size/scale buttons, then enter a number. Press enter or click somewhere else in the panel. All size/scale buttons should have now been changed by the same factor.



Any idea about the Dim X/Y/Z ? … the tooltip just says “manipulate bounding box size”.


>>> new rc released

you’re a couple of days late to the party :slight_smile:

here’s sequencer info:

However, I’d like to get a clear info on how to get ffmpeg working (linux-windows). As of now, available info is very convoluted and dependencies apparently not listed in a concise manner.

In solid mode we can select now any vertices (like in transparent mode). It is possible to select only the “viewable” vertices (like in 2.41 solid mode)?

no, as in blender sequencer.


I haven’t had time to look at them yet (work) but after what I read from Hos (Chris Want) commit the Dim parameter gives/sets the actual dimensions of the bounding box of the selected object.
This is to solve the confusion around the older Size parameter, which was really just a multiplication factor that could be reset at 1 (ctrl+A > Apply Size/Rot) at any time.
‘Size’ should have been replace by “Scale” but please check for yourself.

Have a good day.

It is just the default setting that changed. Check the “Limit selection to visible” (tooltip text) button in the header of the 3D view. It’s just to the right of the vertex/edge/face selection buttons.

i tried Pinnacle Studio and didnt think it was worth it
jahshaka i have…i dont realy care for the interface and they dont have any real documentaion.

the sequence editor meets my basic needs, its not after effects, but it meets my needs

I made a little test with groups and it needs a refinement.

I’ve made a group with 2 objects, remove both from the group and, in the Data select window, says that it still have something inside that group. I dont know the behaviour, since could not get an empty group, but it should appear the “o” before the group name, if it’s empty, for consistency.

In the Data Select window, cannot select groups.

P.s. Once more, Blender travels at light speed :slight_smile:
Thank you!