New release of DirectX Exporter for 241

Hi guys!
-New release of DirectX Exporter for Blender 241.This one
supports hierarchies,animation with constraints,it has a new
GUI and some bugs has been fixed. home page exporter’s page


Thanks for the exporter.
It will help a lot of users. :slight_smile:

I just tried your exporter. It works great for static objects, but it won’t export Animations for some reason on my machine. I do make sure to have both the Mesh and the Armature selected, along with ‘Export Selected’; it seems to crash Blender whenever I have ‘Export All’ turned on.
I have both ‘Animation’ and ‘Set Speed’ selected, am I doing anything wrong, or is it a bug? I have an XP comp with an NVidia video card.

I stand corrected. It does Export a Mesh with Animation; I just tested it with a small file that was just 14.7kb in size, a tube with a bone through it that bends in a back-and-forth animation. However, it just seems to have trouble exporting large files, such as the woman.blend example file. I try exporting ‘All’ and it just locks up the program.
A few bugs, but the program works great; it solves a lot of DX woes I’ve had.

HI suu999!
Glad to know you solved the problem.Th export selected works
only for meshes…
The women example on my comp(XP+ATI)exports without
probs. in about 10 sec.Maybe it’s something which has to do
Blender’s version… %|
…you must run it with the 3d window visible in the Blender’s
screen.It’s a Blender’s bug(or not)which cannot update 3d
windows if are covered…