New Render Network

Hi gang.

I’m just about to finish school (yep, sat through 12 years of school and have no idea what I’m going to be doing.) And in about 10 weeks, I think I’ll need a new project (other then my girl friend :P) to keep me busy. An idea came to mind today. The ResPower render farm is a great idea, but, to put it simply. I’m cheap.

Here is my idea. What if we created our own resource management system? Here’s how my vision of it works. There is a bunch of Python/PHP (if I’m making it, it’ll be python :P) scripts hosting a web page. Users log into this web page and submit a link to a blend file for rendering. They put the frames they need to render, then the Python scripts will generate a list of tasks needed to complete rending. A small application will sit on each members computers, so that, when their computer is on, and there has been no keyboard or mouse activity in the past 2 minutes, if the processor usage is below, say 30%, then it would contact this web site. The web site would then give the application a link to a blend file, and the e-mail address of the user that submitted it. The application would then tell the server that this frame is being rendered, would then download the blend file, then render a frame (also given by the script). It would e-mail the output jpg file back to the user and contact the script saying that the frame has been rendered, making the server remove this item from the To Render list.

I think the idea is, for each minute of rendering you do for the network, then you get a minute of rendering to use (thus keeping the network free and encouraging more users to share.)

The customised software will also be able to be changed to different modes, such as “Always accept jobs”, “Never accept jobs”, & “Accept jobs when my computer is idle.” Other features could be added, for example, if you have access to a cluster of computer (such as a bunch of them on a LAN) you can set up a file forwarder, to download a single blend file, then re-distribute it to computer over a LAN.

I’m in a rush to go to a party right now, so I guess I might be a bit sketchy, but does anybody like this idea? I’d only be interested in creating it if we had about 100 users or so willing to use the system.

If you’d be interested in using this software, or helping me create the software (you can help greatly by making *nix clients) then please just shove a post here and we’ll all work something out… If there are a heap of users wanting to use the system, and it looks like we’ll get a fair amount of CPU power, with a relatively good bandwidth, then I’ll start developing the software in a few weeks. I’ll do it in my spare time, so don’t expect anything usable until some time next year.

Cheers, Scotty

Burp optimised for Blender, coming soon
Yafrid optimised for Yafray, coming soon.

Schweet. I love it when I have an idea and it looks like it’s already been done :smiley: (and you don’t have to pay :P)… I love it more when they were going to do similar things to what I was :D.

Oahh, do you happen to know any projects that just share resources (not specifically for rendering)?

Thanks :smiley:

great idea, i think there are several softwears that share rendering and prosesing throu a network… not sure how that will work with the web lol

BURP has been quite dormant over the past year, hopefully by mid-september we will see a fully working web-based distributed rendering service.

I hope so :D.

That project looks pretty cool, and we don’t need to make our own with that sort of thing running :D.

Is there any other networks other then BURP that we can use while we wait for BURP to come back?

Dripstone from BlenderCN has a working prototype for a Yafray parallel renderer. Take a look.