new rg work!!!!

by Heret Zorg

it is very nice =)

wow… This was scary… it acthully made me feel somthing… not many blender demos make me do that :o . good work

ya… it scared me… controlls are bad though :-\ but nice!

stands a good 1 metre away from monitar in-case something jumps out

It wasn’t that scary considering you could run through walls and play in wireframe, and turn your speakers off 8) I don’t really like scary things like that mainly because I don’t like to get scared :smiley: but that music creeped me out, the dead things (people?) were kinda funny looking, maybe if they looked more realistic…

Anyway, great job overall, I rate that a 8 out of 10, most games I play on blender would get a 3-6 but this one is pretty well done.

You inspired me to make a game where someonthing jumps out at you :slight_smile:

lol, how do you play it?

lol, how do you play it?

It’s not ok to double-post.

creepy. ever so creepy.

creepy, the litte floating people reminded me of the babies? alien babies maybe, in silent hill. now that was aa freaky game. i liked the music too

The mouse script rolled the camera when you turned your view. Fixing it would make it so much better!

Oh and change the light ray thingy that covers the room to a onesided texture. Trust me, it will look better.

%| Hmm, something that made Norj scared…

:smiley: It was a really nice demo. Hehe, that light swinging reminded me of Peter Moulyneux’s demo of “The Room”. Yeah, the camera starts to roll around a little while later. I’ll listen to it with the speakers on when I’m off work. Not sure if you already had this in, but when it turns dark, have the Grandfather clock chime or something (one of those scary things).

Jason Lin

It kind of scared me. BAD controls, but still kind of scary. Keep up the good work. It was only really scary when you were moving and the little baby things just appeared.

The demo gives a nice mood, scary and so on. I really like the lightning effect and sound. But the controls are indeed horrible :stuck_out_tongue:

Further a nice demo, keep going like that.

we worked …

it was very odd…the controls sucked…(nothing personal)

it would be better with good controls…and it was just plain old wierd…xD

not as good as facemania’s creepy game though

Please do not compare my game to other games such as this one, it is where I got my inspiration from :slight_smile: I would have never made that game if this one wasn’t made.

Thanks for making it :slight_smile:

Soundtrack in style AMBIENT ( 2.81 Mb )

I shall be very glad, if who will listen to this as I adjusted specially for Silent room