New Rigid Body bullet physics consistently inconsistent?

with virtually no experience with bullet physics, and rigid body simulations, I wanted to try out this new method that makes it much easier than it was previously ( tried and gave up very shortly after starting because it was way to messy for the small amount of time I had to devote ). So I tried this new one out and it’s SO SO much nicer, Finally - it’s just easy to make stuff hit stuff and knock other stuff down :).

But I did notice that while repeating the same exact animation over and over and over again it was never really the same twice. If I’m trying to simulate something, shouldn’t it be the same everytime I do it given the exact same starting points, velocities, and everything else? Or am I mistaken and it’s random nature is being caused by a setting I’m heretofore unaware of? Or is it just a good thing that it’s not the same every time?

Thanks for any input.

Actually that’s one of the things I’ve been working on this week, making the simulation deterministic.
I haven’t pushed the changes to my branch yet but will do so over the weekend so you should have determinism next week.

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