New RTX3080 or Complete New PC

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I currently have an HP Z640 Dual Xeon 6-core PC with 32 Gb RAM, 256 Mb HP TurboDrive SSD and an 8 Gb HP Quadro M5000 card. I am currently using Blender version 2.92.0. And along with that KitOps 2Pro, Boxcutter, DecalMachine etc.
In Wireframe everything goes well, but when I switch to Renderview then my PC crashes. From information I understand that an RTX3080 is a good choice. But I am wondering if that is a good choice along with my old 2015 HP Z640. And besides, the RTX cards are currently not for sale anywhere.
Now on a local website I see the HP Omen listed, HP OMEN GT13-0635nd, with an Intel i9 processor, 32 Gb RAM and an RTX 3080 card.
What would you guys advise me ? Just buy a separate RTX 3080 or go for the HP Omen ?

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Guus J

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I recently purchased a new system with an RTX 3080, an i9 processor, and 32GB of RAM, and I couldn’t be happier. Buying the 3080 by itself wasn’t an option for me since my old computer was 8 years old and it would have been like putting a new engine in an old car.
If the HP is within your budget, that may be the only way to get the 3080. The computer builders (Dell, HP, etc.) get first dibs on those graphics cards so they will either have them in stock or will have them sooner than retailers like NewEgg, Best Buy, etc. Plus, you will pay MSRP or close to it instead of overpaying for the card by itself.

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Go for the HP Omen. As @Safetyman said there’s no other way to get your hands on a GPU these days paying a normal price.