New RVK Tutorial - For Noobs and Pros. (v2.37 - v2.37a)

Does not apply to Version 2.4 A revised tutorial will be released when v 2.4 is released.

Few people know what RVKs are. A feature in Blender that isn’t used enough.

A couple members have been looking for updated RVK tutorials for the current version of Blender. Some of the old sites are now gone, like Blender-Char tutorial on RVK and lip-syncing. Those tutorials are obsolete anyhow.

So I decided to write a new tutorial on RVKs, designed for the beginner and the pro.

I myself have used RVKs for several projects, and still can’t remember the procedure of creating them half of the time.

Allow me to share with you…
Spin’s RVK Tutorial, for the NOOB!

And it is right here…


Very nice!

Interesting - I’m glad I’m not the only one who finds the RVK interface(s) just a tad confusing. Don’t you use sliders for your RVKs?

The sliders are where my frustration peaks. In theory they are a simple, visual way to apply your key-deformations on cue but in practice I’m finding you need to be very careful with them, especially if you also start messing with the IPOs. I’ve had named-keys shift position in the action editor but I don’t think their action keys moved with them - leading to “interesting” results

You can set max and min deform values for the sliders but the IPO curves will often breach those values leading to some weird results.

I think you should be able to select the relevant IPO by clicking on the key in the action editor. BTW, if a key is named in the action editor, that name shows in the IPO editor.

Are RVKs in the new release or do shape keys replace them?

Hé Spin! Keep up the good work. Really like your style of tutorials. Just one small niggly thing. In one of the last illustrations under Key 3, the pointers for frame 30 and 40 are mixed - though we all know what you mean.

Why don’t you pastes your tuts under the tutorials sticky? That way we could them back easier :smiley:

Hey, I am updating that error now. Thanks.

Oh, i didn’t know I could post at the stickys.