new scene and widget

i created a new scene where i have only 2 1/2 viewport and
when i select things it does not become vilet around the eselected object

and the widget does not appear and work there

anybody knowa how to correct that ?
hoppefully something can be done about it !


The ManipulatorWidget has to be activated in every Viewport in the header and the selection outline as well in the ViewpropertiesPanel.

But perhaps I got you wrong, becuse these things are activ by default?


i got the viewport properties and turn on the selection contour in violet on

but where do you activate the widget ?
i tried the little hand on bottom header but it is not working ?


Strangely they are not activ by default in your scene.
the buttons right of the hand you only can see after activating the handbutton should be set to activ aswell, you can choose Manipulators for each different transforms one by one or all with Shift+Click

If you want it as default you can save it to your default scene Ctrl+U
Perhaps this helps,

i got vista and as it is i cannot save anymore because it is refusing to erase the b file?
and it is not auto saving also dont know why !

is there another place where we can activate the widget ?
or some command keys

Sorry i got it you need to click on one of the selection beside the hand and then it works fine