New Scene For Our Adventure RPG

So this is the new scene for our rpg, we are still missing our architecture and characters due to lack of internet and diffrent daytime but we are still progressing really fast anyways here are some screenshots and please check out our progress at our youtube channel we are creating it by using Blender, Sculptris and Unity3D

I am currently uploading a new video to show how this map looks cuz the video that we’ve put on our channel is 19 hours old and these screens are taken 30 minutes ago :slight_smile:

looks good, i like it, if you need beta testers :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah we will start bete testing when we get further on the gameplay;) subscribe to our youtube channel cuz we will most likely pick our beta testes from our subscribers :wink:

agh subscribing is so much work thoughhh T~T
ok ok I will.
its under

Evil Moon, you’re from Fort Hood? I’m from Temple!

OT: Is the game going to be played from overhead? It looks like it’ll be pretty cool so far!

CMwharton do you still live in temple?? probably not…I live in Temple nowwww!!!

I even have my own apartment !!! "D

well looks like I found someone on here who knows how boring temple is |:P

oh and sorry for cluttering your thread anonymev

So heres the new video hope you like it

nicely done, I like it so far thanks for showing! Oh and i subscribed