New scene - full copy - stops ik solvers working

I create a new scene as a full copy and the ik solvers of my armatures in the new scene act as though the ik bones never moved???

If you need I can post a .blend.

Any help would be appreciated as this is central to one of my animations.

i experinced the same. it’s due to the fact that all objects are renamed, including the IK targets. unfortunately the name fields of the bones with constraints are NOT udated to those new names, thus they don’t work. you have to either rename the targets to the old name, or enter the new into the name fields.

conclusion: i consider this a bug.

I might suggest you report it. If it is a bug … or a design flaw … it might be easy to fix. With 2.35 about to break, it might be possible to get it fixed before the release.

AFAIK there is a feature-freeze shortly before the release.

AFAIK there is a feature-freeze shortly before the release.[/quote]

Oh yeah … right … forgot that. :expressionless:

Feature freeze, not bug fix freeze. :wink:


Oh cool. :smiley:

Thanks theeth, I take back my embarassed face then :wink:

waitwait - i just tried that using 2.35 official RC on OSX - it seems to be fixed :slight_smile:
i wanted to test just before submitting a bug, and voila - there is no bug at all :slight_smile:

since i trashed all older versions yesterday i can’t tell which version still has it.


Cheers for the replies…

I will have to wait for 2.35 then

Alex :smiley:

try the RC - as good as an “official” release