New scene I'm working on. Let's see if you can guess where it's from.

It’s not a movie or a show or anything like that. Let’s see who guesses it first. I still have a lot to do. This is 200 samples, took 26 minutes (I have amd :().

Right now I’m working on modeling and placing in the scene, textures will come later. I’m pretty happy with the lighting too, I may add a bit more light from the front though.


Naw cant be… Andrew Price’s wedding photo?

[EDIT]: Oh yes it is… sorry guys i just ruined it for everyone :stuck_out_tongue: Beautiful photo!

If you are watching this, congrats Andrew

Haha, yes it is. I didn’t think it would be found so easily. I’ll keep working on it today, and fix the lighting to make things a bit brighter. Someone on commented on the picture and asked for the original blend files (joking, of course), so I decided to try to recreate the scene as accurately as possible (minus Mr. and Mrs. Price :smiley: ).

Just some very minor changes, lighting, color, and ground texture+bump were added. I didn’t have time to model anything. I’ll update again in the evening.