New Script: Draw Parenting Trees for Armature Bones in the Node Editor

This script is meant to help you examine the parenting hierarchy and structure of your armature’s bones. It’s mainly meant for testing and to help prepare automatic rig creating scripts, and not really for anything directly practical.

The script uses the compositor (node editor) and its math convertor nodes to draw the parenting tree, since it’s probably the easiest way to represent the tree in a node view.

It’s best to avoid using it on production files, as it will delete your existing compositing nodes in order to make room for the parenting tree node structure.

How to use:

  • Open a script in text editor.
  • Open the node editor, and select the compositing nodes button.
  • Make sure that “Use Nodes” is checked and active.
  • In the 3D view, select your armature.
  • Run the script.
  • View the node editor to see the generated tree.

Notes and precautions:

  • ! This script will delete all existing compositing nodes !
  • This script works only in blender 2.66 and onwards (hopefully, tested on 2.66 only). It will produce errors in earlier versions due to missing functionality.

Download and source

Blog post

Wow thats really clever. Can you use this space to assert names for bones too? I am always put off armatures because of all the annoying repetative naming, could I plug in a name value and route it to many bones?

Not sure I understood the question, but -
If you asked whether you can change names and parenting in the node editor itself,
then no, it’s just a display and isn’t really interactively connected to the real bone parenting structure
(it’s generated once to reflect the parenting structure and is static from that moment on. You can change stuff directly
on the armature and then re-run the script to see the changes).

But it would be awesome to use the node tree for rerouting and renaming.
I might check it out at some later point.