New script for DAZ Studio camera export and bridge to blender PROX2,5D

I finished today new script for export camera animation to DAZ Studio

export 3d geometry to DAZ studio (only for reference space), via collada,
via .DSA (Daz format) export exact Camera animation position, rotation, doly, zoom, dof overwrite all blender material to MATTE SHADOW (for reflection)

in DAZ studio render 3 pass:

  1. VIEW image sequence to apply in blender PROX 2,5D ,
  2. REFLECTION image sequence for material reflect the 3D People animation
  3. SHADOWS image sequence for apply mask to LAMP Point or Spot

in Blender apply the 3 image sequence

  1. PROX 2,5D
  2. reflection sequence to apply existing blender material
  3. shadows mask for Lamp point or Spot

very cool, thanks for posting and sharing!

Hi Silvio thanks for this! I was wondering if it’s going to be possible to use the camera export for a project that has a large scene and multiple cameras? Also, I am running 2.63a and got a python error when adding the DAZ mesh, can you recommend a compatible version? Thank you!