new script "Pivot constraint"

This script can help you set up things like a heel/toe foot rig a lot easier than using drivers, and/or other armature tricks.

You do need a recent blender version because the script constraint isn’t available in older versions of blender.

It’s exact usage is tricky to explain so on the page with the script is also a link to an example file with a ‘walkcycle’.
You can find it here:
I dare say I think this is one that might be worth making into a proper constraint.

Can’t download any of your Python scripts on your Web page, just getting …



Yeah woops… I made the security of my downloader strickter a couple days ago… apparently a bit too strickt hehe.

Solved now, should work again, let me know if it doesn’t :wink:

All is ok right now, thanks ! :wink:


Me too :stuck_out_tongue:

But seriously, I wonder why this feature isn’t already in?
Currently you have no option to animate the pivot and to make an animators life even worse, there’s no child compensate either. So you are being forced to compensate a parent move manually… ughh >_<

Try to animate a cube or dice rolling over the floor!!
I wish I the script worked with the current version of Blender, but the one who waits… always waits too long :wink:

Thanks anyways macuno, your work is highly appreciated!

Well… that’s where the script constraint comes into play.

We can come up with all sorts of nice new behaviours for rigs, and like this one, a lot can be quite simple to create as long as you understand python/matrices a bit. And personally I don’t really understand matrices too well hehe

I hope Nathan will post his foot constraint as well, because for basic feet it’s simpler for animators to use his than mine. But then I like “generic solutions” that just work in every situation, even if they create a bit more work for the animator.

Hi everyone!
does anyone using this script find out that : when you press F12 to render a single frame,the script will temporay lost effect on constainted object , but when you jump to diffrent frame or hit refresh it will recover.
But when you render animation,everything is fine.
I don’t know,maybe it’s a bug of blender’s python constraint system?