*New Script* Unreal Tournament PSK import to Blender mesh

Here’s a script to import Unreal Tournamet PSK files to a Blender mesh. This imports the mesh only, not the armature. (Hopefully, soon to follow). I wrote it to view the scale, smoothing groups and bone influences. Smoothing groups are imported as different colored materials. Bone influences are imported as different Vertex Colors.

[!] Warning: some of the PSK files on the UT2004 play disc are invalid. They seem to be truncated and cause some faces to not be assigned a material or even cause Blender to crash.

[>] Any information to help create the Armature import code would be welcome. I’ve had trouble converting the PSK Quat, Loc values to Blender Head, Tail and Roll.

[!] Download psk2blendermesh_v01.py [!]

:o Examples (from MercMaleB.psk):
View shows faces and smoothing groups:

This view shows smoothing groups better:

This view shows bone influences:

you neglected to mention it requires a full python install

[and tell me, have you seen this thread?]

interesting, besides bumping this topic, i have decided that i might update this script alittle bit :).