New Sculpt Tools

I am fascinated by the new sculpt tools. Here is something that I came up with in my initial playing with this mode. This guy started as a cube.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

That looks really cool. What are these sculpt tools you are talking about? I’d like to play around with them.

These are tools that are included in the new test builds. There is a sculpt mode that works similarly to zbrush.

I found the test build with this but it doesn’t seem to do anything. I use a cube, enter sculpt mode, and draw around on the cube and it has no effect.

You have to turn on the “Multires” level in order to sculpt a cube.
This works similarly to subsurf, but you can turn it up and down while modeling for more or less detail.

I set Multires to level 2 and sculpt mode still does nothing for me. :frowning:

edit I guess it is doing something, but I’m not understanding how to work with this.

you have to eitehr drag slow or fast… acording to your computer. just moving over it won’t do a thing :stuck_out_tongue: