new search engine

well, new to me anyways :smiley:

may be old news to some

very nice clustering type search engine

for those using mozilla / firefox you can add clusty to your default search engines

by updating the searchplugins folder

use this line to activate searches from the address bar


if you haven’t done this before you can just modify one of the existing engines plugin file


What are the advantages over Google?

There’s never been anything I couldn’t find in Google, but I’m open to alternatives.

hummmmmmm …

well if your happy with google, thats cool

Clusty is still in beta, so it will only get better

what I like is its clustering ability

for example, put " blender 3d" in and see what you get

have a look at the left pane where categories are clustered

give it a whirl, you may like it


looks like a different name and theme for

yawn, vivisimo has been around a while, and while useful it is no google killer

though, the image search worked well