New Series Dalek using Project Dalek Schematics

Up untill now, I’ve had this up only on the Project Dalek forum under “Virtual Daleks”. But, I thought I should put this here as well, just to let you guys know that I’m not getting tired of Blender.

Although they have the website blocked from people who aren’t members, here is my Dalek so far:

On Project Dalek, they have full schematics for the new series Dalek (NSD), and I’m using these to make my model.

As always, any comments and constructive criticism is very welcome.

I just rendered a HUGE version of the above image, so large I can’t upload it here!

It showed that the rings around the hemis are a bit too low-poly, though. Luckily I have all those objects linked to one mesh, so I just need to change one of them. Can’t wait for that parametric modeling modifier, though. Then I could easily change between high and low poly versions.

tynach this looks awesome, i love dr who and cant wait to see this finished. Im wondering are you just going to make the shell or go on and make the inside and “screaming jelly”

Well, I’m terrible at organic modeling, and the mesh isn’t modeled for it to come apart to show the Dalek creature inside. So, for now, that would be a no. But maybe in the future, perhaps when I’m done with the current job, which is to model the battle armor and make a short animation with it.

Anyways, there aren’t any really good shots at the inside of the casing to go on, so if I do, I’d be mostly making it up as I go along.

Man, I just remembered that I put this on here… I’ve been updating over at Project Dalek Forums a lot, but not here.

Here’s my current progress:

And again, sorry for not updating!

Great work so far. It even has the ever frighting scanning toilet plunger. BTW thanks to your post I now hear the loud mechanical voice in my head yelling “Destroy, Destroy!”. Damn Dr. Who.

Yes, well, it needs the eyestalk and the dome cowl. Otherwise, I also need to work on materials.

Edit: There’s more detail there than you can see. I uploaded a 1680 x 1050 image, and is scaled it down to that.

I’ll post some close-ups of the various parts sometime later.

I noticed that LOTRJ started a Dalek too on Project Dalek, and I figured I would update my own Dalek here.

I’m still not done, mostly because I’ve been procrastinating, but here’s what I have so far:

I have to finish the eyestalk and properly place it, then I have to make the dome cowl, and then the domelights.

Then I want to add more detail, and fix up the shoulder section.

That is so cool. Could just imagine Dr Who walking in to the scene with Billy Piper.