New Setting for Snake Demon

Yep… here is a photo real setting…

I figured a nice open field is a nice place to show off his body… and texturing.

Well, enjoy

(nothing too dramatic about this one, more artistic)

Really cool!!! :o :o :o

I little suggestion…can you make a more slower anim of it so we can see the detail of his mouth? but yea very cool!

That one was wicked. 100% better than the first post. The blending between the ground and the background could be a little bvetter, but I am sure this is still just in the test stage.


Is this an animation? Why doesn’t he move then? He just stand and looking at the ground…

i had that same problem. just update your divx codec.


Looks a little like X-men’s ‘brood’ :slight_smile:


yes very cool, yes slow it down but I like it alot.


It’s really cool, but the camera rotation distracts from the motion of the “creature”.

Also, it looks like there’s a texture problem in the back (the textures don’t line up). Plus, I think you’d need a better transition from the back skin to the belly skin. Maybe a bump map?

it’s great though!


wow, great movement!!! :o