New Shadow Catcher Features in Blender 3.0 | Cycles X Tutorial

Hello everyone,

In this Blender 3.0 New Features Cycles X tutorial, we have a look at the new shadow catcher pass and how to set it up to composite 3D objects with a photograph.

Thanks to the Sketchfab artists nickbaker & Javier Villar and to Alaska for explaining the light workflow to me. Sketchfab models credits and links are in the video description.


Thanks for your tutorial and effort.

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always a pleasure özgür you are welcome

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Tutorials like this are the reason Blender is able to reach and inspire so many people. Absolutely terrific!

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That was very helpful, thanks!

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Great tutorial!

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thanks a lot everyone appreciate your kind words! glad it was useful

I don’t find it that useful.
If I have footage that has distinct shadows and I want to add a Cube, let’s say, floating through the scene. We want the cube to cast a shadow, but what about the shadows in the scene? There is nothing to cast those shadows into the cube. So you make CG objects to cast similar shadows onto the cube… but you DONT want those same shadows to be cast on the floor because you’d get double shadows. so how is that done without rendering separate passes?

Hi. thanks for great video. But I have got a issue.I have a scene it has got mirror cube and plane. I made plane as shadow catcher. But plane shows on the mirror material. So I turned off the visibility of glossy in the shadow catcher material. But this time I loose the shadow in the reflection. I guess I need a shadow catcher shader. How can I do