New shooter game

I think people you dont know what joke is so i daleted it goodbye!!!


That is messed up.

Boy, you shold look for help, this kind of things can mess with your mind, you are not proving nothing here, believe me, try to talk with somebody about it.

Lol this game is just for fun, i havent got any diffrent idea:P

Well, it’s proof they can make a video game. Besides, the old lady needs protection from the church so it doesn’t try to take all her money.

There should be some Norwegian death metal for background music.

aw dude, that is so offensive… kind of funny.

It’s a good thing I’m an atheist :stuck_out_tongue:

but yeah dude, this is really offensive :confused: Why not make them zombies and your protecting your house or something?

Aw…no offense but…Do you belive on god?, why you make a game that you must kill cristians ??? Bad idea…Bad idea…:no:

why dont you make it anti scientologist were you kill tom cruse before he makes it to a UFO.

your going to have a lot of people who hate you if you expand apon your current idea… unless your just looking for attention.

I’m curious how killing Tom Cruise is any better than killing priests?

believe*, God*, Christians*. That is all.

just an idea. and I havent seen any scientologist on the fourm so I thought he/she could still make it offencive but not be hated by every one.

I dont know…my logic kind of sucks

Why kill “evil” muslims on their jihad and call it war, if you can kill cristians and call it “offensive”.
Im atheist, but think about it.

Flame on guys

HEY guy, I BELIVE IN GOD and something else: LOOK AT THIS:


it all depends on your race, religion, etc.

(what does “flame on” mean?)

Well, this kind of thread should be deleted for me, but we have freedom of tought and speatch, i think that this kind of absurd enter on somewhere between this two. This society is just getting sicker and sicker, and the worst thing is that it ll get worst with time.


To Flame is when you want say your opinion on the internet, but a huge angry discussion comes out of it.

This reminds me of divine intervention.

And to the people who are taking offense to this:

A) You’re probably not ready for this whole internet thing.

B) You should check out western art history, the central icon for Christianity is some guy dying on a torture device.

Hey people you dont understand, i wish somebody from my country will see this and i know he will understand. I tried to explain u why i made this game. In my country freaking old ladies (70 years old) are protecting cross and fighting with police, whole country are loughing cuz of this and this is funny not OFFENS, i didnt make it cuz i want to show u a real lady with gun its just something not real. :smiley:

Why is it funny that someone is standing up for their beliefs? You shouldn’t go about making a game that some people may find offensive. Maybe you think its funny, but look at it this way.
Some people make games where you kill other soldiers, or aliens, monsters, or robots.
But you decide to make a game where you kill Christians. What are you trying to say?
But i guess offending many people is worth a good laugh… right?
By the way i am a Christian.

Woah woah people chill out, its just a GAME, nothing more! We kill russians and nazis and everyone else in every other game and thats just fine. Plus this game isn’t about the religion, its about them crazy protesters fighting over something completely trivial!

And i gotta say this game isn’t that bad, the programing doesn’t seem to have many bugs, its got a clear goal and some spot on mouse controls! good work man! :slight_smile:

If you find it offensive then don’t play it, simple as that! now where’s my copy of manhunt?